Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

We forgot the carpool ayeeeeee!

Oh man, I'm busy clearing out all of my old e-mail, making sure all of my eBay auctions have been paid, and the items delivered, or on their way, so I sent Saida (Saida has replaced Noemi, long story, I'll catch you up on this later,) to pick up Beau and Shayan. I was sitting here at my desk when the intercom rang and Beau said, "Mom, Saida made a big mistake. She forgot to pick up Shayan at school and he's still there, and his Dad is on the phone asking for him." Now Shayan's Dad is a scary guy, not exactly a cuddly bear type, and we are all really afraid of his temper. He's Persian and if you've heard him yell in Farsi once you would understand why we don't want to rile him.

So my son forgot his friend, his friend who he has been in carpool with allllll year long. He blames it on poor Saida who doesn't have a clue if or when Shayan will come with Beau, because she's new to this, and just last week Shayan came with Beau one day, Steven and Shayan came with Beau another day, and on Friday Shayan's father picked him up. It's entirely Beau's fault, oh and maybe a tiny bit Shayan's fault for always running off and playing when it's time to come home. It's just super frustrating that Beau has such a hard time being responsible. If he said, "Oh Mom I made a terrible mistake, I forgot to get Shayan." I'd say, "Oh no honey, let's go get him," and, "what can we do to make sure this doesn't happen again." But to have him put Shayan's angry father on hold, forget about him, and then blame Saida, who is brand new, and I am totally dependant upon, is just not cool. Then of course I got angry, raised my voice, in order to get him to stop explaining how it's all someone else's fault, and then he got hysterical and I feel like the mean Mom.

I called Shayan's dad, and left a message on his machine. I took full responsibility, told him I'd be horrified if something like this happened to my son. I apologized and gave him my word that nothing like this will ever happen again and explained how Saida is new and Beau forgot. Now I have to wait and see what his response will be. Argh, argh, argh. Oh well, what can I do? Turn it over I guess. What exactly does that mean anyway. I've hard it in meetings for years and just realized I don't know what it means? Turn over the problem? Oh wait, I got it, turn it over to God, I think, sheesh, I'm a bad twelve stepper to have forgotten that. Blah, back to the eBay grind, wish me luck.

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