January 15th, 2001


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Hmmm, I was looking at anapics today, the art that people make of ana, and I realized how lame the first few pieces of ana-art were that I made.This is the first one that I could stand. I was such a baby about it too. I wanted so badly to win the weekly favorite thing, and now that I kind-of-sort-of know what I'm doing I realize that I don't even like them. I mean I can appreciate what I was going for and how it was good for someone who was just starting to make cyber-art, but they were so fuzzy and out of focus. Oh God I'm so hard on myself and such a perfectionist, sheesh. Anyway I wanted to show you this one because I haven't looked at it in a while, and even though she isn't very clear, I still like it. I need to make some more, maybe I should make some of other people. What do you think?

You don't know what you're missing if you don't belong to ana2 though. Most of the art that people make is just so extraordinary. It's also really interesting to see what different people do with the same subject. I love that aspect of it. PLus it's fun that ana provides the content and is a model for the art. It's just plain fun all around.

I went to atomcam yesterday and was so blown away by Stacy's creativity and her sense of whimsy. It's such a cool cam site. I love her rocketing kitty. I wish I knew how to make that. I would love to cut out my cats and paste them all over my journal and have them animate, it would be so cool, but I don't have the first clue how to do it, damn.

Okay me go, it's cold here in LA today. The ferrets are playing in my shower, I have a big shower, and I'm thinking about money and creativity and brain drugs and how much I don't want to go to therapy later, even though he's a really nice man. All I want to do is lay aorund and snack and watch TV. Not exactly the best path to health and financial success.

Oh I found this one too. See how ana is totally out of focus. It's because of this program I love, it can only create images up to a certain low resolution and that's it. It's such a fun little program, so easy to use. It's called Flashbox and I love it so much, but it's for babies, and you would probably hate it.

I've asked before but it wouldn't hurt to ask again. What programs do you guys use for photo editing and assemblage? I've got Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro and a bunch of others but I always like to know what people are playing with.

Okay me going. I'm trying to figure out how to tweak my journal.


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Oh there's the sweetest thing on the learning channel, this couple is getting married and their showing everything about the planning and the wedding. The couple are so sweet. The guys are playing paint ball for their bachelor party and the gals are getting pampered with manicures and pedicures. Sweet man, he's saying how much he's looking forward to being a husband and a stepfather. Oh the bride looks so pretty, her white dress looks so beautiful against her dark skin, and the groom looks so handsome in his tails. I am such a romantic sucker for weddings.

Man, I hate bachelor parties though. I mean it's just mean and creepy and gross to get the groom to roll up money in his mouth and try to put it up in some strange stripper's puss. I can see how guys might think that is the ultimate in exotic and exciting to get wasted with friends and maybe get a blow job or screw some stripper, but I think it's such a total betrayal to the bride. I mean think of it this way, you're really in love with someone, so much so that you're ready to take your commitment to them to the next level, but wait, let's take twenty-two steps backwards and screw someone else and get puke sick with our buddies, right before we take our vows. What?

I've been to bachelorette parties and I've seen photographs and video of bachelor parties and they are just not the same in any way. The guys are all acting like they have to save the groom from a future life of matrimonial enslavement and drudgery by giving him one last taste of freedom, while the gals are all opening presents and getting misty. If the women have a stripper you can tell they aren't really into it, everyone is squealing and kind of grossed out. Well, at least at the parties I've been too. I don't know about you but I don't want some guy shaking his butt and then swinging his thong wrapped package in my face while he holds the back of my head. Oh yeah weeeee, this is fun!

I feel like I just got up and it's four already, how'd that happen?

Oooh face breaking out, period must be coming soon. Bleh.