January 26th, 2001


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That was the hardest Snapple cap I've ever tried to open, sheesh. Peach Iced Tea is my current favorite.

I had to take a computer break yesterday which wasn't easy. I wasn't feeling too groovy, (still on a hunt for some words like groovy that aren't as well, groovy) so I put myself to bed. I was jonesing for my computer, yack.

So how've you been? I'm actually a wee bit afraid to check replies and e-mail because I have three semi-contentious arguments going on. Normally I'm a happy little peach faced lovebird of a gal but lately I've been getting embroiled in things.

1.) This silly soulXchange debate. I never meant to upset anyone or get into such a big thing. I actually think it's kind of witty. I was simply expressing a semi-dissenting opinion and trying to be funny. Man, you should see the e-mail. The Devil and his minions are fierce defenders of their right to purchase souls, who knew, sheesh.

2.) My anti-vivisection stance. I think I pissed a few biomedical animal killing bastards off. Good. Fuck them!!! I also fired off a couple of somewhat direct letters to the rat breeder, whose site linked me to the evil corporate blood sucking vampires.

3.) I barely started inviting friends to my new community before I had to go out for the day and since artvamp is near the top I posted an invite on her journal. Someone named idaemae or something like that, (I'm too mad at her to look it up,) responded to it by saying, "Ugh." I'm feeling a bit delicate on this new medication so I told her off too.

Maybe Ritalin isn't the drug of choice for a sweet little flower girl like me, or maybe it is the right medication and my righteous anger needed to be liberated.

Today after school we all went to a fun art store, craft place, that I've just started going to. You basically gather your supplies and pay for them and then they set you up with tables and you do your projects there. Kind of like Color Me Mine but with all kinds of different projects. We made Valentines with pink heart shaped paper, stickers, and glitter. Poor little Andrea knocked over her big huge fruit shake and we were worried they'd be upset because it was so crowded with birthday parties that they made room for us in this other area and we were over carpet.

I talked to my Mom for two hours today. She was pretty nice. She only got irritated a little bit. She normally can't listen for any length of time before she starts getting anxious and irritable and cuts me off or has to go. She likes to tell stories about her friends and her past, and since she's eighty-five and has had a fascinating life, I like to listen. Someday I want to write a book.

I got a check in the mail from my friend Susan's college for the flyer I was designing for her play. They weren't able to use it because they had a commitment to another designer who came through at the last minute. I never finished mine, but I had put some time into it and really just needed to kind of assemble the whole thing. It was kind and generous of her to back me up and put the check through. I love my friend Susan : )

Beau got a new reed for his clarinet. He's practicing right now. God, I love the sound of it. Even when he misses and it squeaks it's just so charming and sweet.

Oh and last night, when I was taking a bath, Sparkle, my shy little Oriental Short Haired kitty, finally worked up the courage to walk around the edge of the tub. (I have a really big spa tub.) He was mewing in that funny scratchy way of his, and trying to reach out one little frightened paw towards me, when he suddenly lost his footing and slipped in. Naturally, for a cat, he freaked, and started hopping and swirling around in the water looking for a way out. I tried to help him but he was too panicked to accept my help. Seeing this, Princess Lucilla (Beau and Esther insisted on naming her), our fearless little Cornish Rex kitten, decided she wanted to be in on the fun, and leapt into the tub as well. She kind of plunked into the bath and then stood there, with only her tiny head above the water line. She looked at me and said, "Waaaaaaaa!" in this cute but surprised and furious way. So there I was with two unhappy felines, Sparkle who was acting like a wild man, a flailing bundle of wet fur and claws, and a very pissed off Princess, who was trying to kind of walk-swim-hop for my thighs. It was funny but hell on my skin.

Scott hasn't noticed that Mellisa Joan Hart (Sabrina) has mismatching eyes. Can someone back me up on this?

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Yeay Providence is on. I love this show. I really like Melina Kanakaredes and the rest of the cast as well. I love that the Dad, Mike Ferrel (MASH, yeay MASH), is a vet, and she's a doctor. I love curly hair, curly dark or curly red. All my life my Mom has been pusing me to streak my hair blonde and then give it a little flip. I only recently figured out that her dislike of curly dark hair is an antisemitic thing. *Big huge sigh*

Hey you guys, if any of you watch this show, could you tell me what happened to Syd, that she had to go to therapy for? "A serious neurological event." Was it a car accident?