January 27th, 2001


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I know this is so old by now, but I still love this story about Matthew McConaughey;

"Police went to the actor's house around 3 a.m. after a neighbor complained of loud music. According to the police report, an officer looked in a window, saw the actor dancing around naked and playing bongo drums, while another man clapped. The cop went to the door, smelled pot and decided to search the place. He found a bowl filled with marijuana stems and seeds, a bong and a pipe. The police report says both men "were very intoxicated," with "glassy and very bloodshot eyes."

The officer told McConaughey to put on some pants; that's when the actor allegedly tried to shove the cop, but he grabbed McConaughey's arm, twisted it around his back and handcuffed him. The unnamed bystander was cuffed, but not arrested. Police originally booked the actor on drug possession charges, as well as "resisting transportation" (the actor had to be forced into the squad car) to the local lockup. "I don't want to rent a place there, but it was a nice stay for a night," McConaughey said of the jailhouse." - Julie Keller

I've been fascinated with Matthew McConaughey lately. He seems like the real thing. He's talented, funny, a gentleman from what I've heard, and he looks like a young Paul Newman. I worship Paul Newman. I'm sure it's all just a small case of fantasy projection, but I'm interested.

I always have someone I'm interested in, male or female, there's always someone. For a while there it was Angelina Jolie. Usually it starts off because of a dream I've had about them. I know it's more about some kind of unconscious need or desire I have for some quality that is lacking in my life, something I'm wanting and missing.

I'm sure I wouldn't dig him in real life because he's a major meat eater, and spent a good part of his time on Jay tonight talking about how much he likes to eat baby goat. Also he's obviously a stoney bra, which doesn't surprise me in the least, because I like my people addicted and distracted, unavailable in some critical way.

He was telling some pretty funky stories about his childhood tonight. One involved his father betting some friends, in a pissing contest for a motorcycle, that his son Pat, (Matthew's younger brother) could piss higher than the tallest man there. They picked this guy who was 6' 8" and marked it off on the wall.

His Dad drove forty-five miles back to their house, woke up the younger brother, who had to pee but the dad made him hold it, for the forty-five mile drive back where he pointed him at the wall and told him to go for it. His brother peed 7' 1" and they won the motorcycle.

The next story he told involved a nephew, I think, with a talented sphincter muscle. He said he could point his ass backwards and shoot a poop twenty-one feet and clear a fence. I've heard of people lighting their farts, but is something like this possible?

Goats, piss, shit, I think I'm starting to lose the fascination.

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You Guys?

Can you help me out with something? If someone offers to allow me to use their style for their page and I don't have the style number, how do I use that for my journal? Do I copy the code from the source category, and if I do how much do I copy? Do I then put it in the style override section or create my own style with it and... pant, pant, pant...what part of the code do I use and what part do I leave? Obviously if I'm borrowing someone's code I don't want to take their journal entries as well, so where do I stop and where do I start again? Anyone really savvy want to help someone who just doesn't have the same determination, focus and aptitude that you are gifted with? Please?