April 3rd, 2001


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I just bought a pound of these mixed up used stamps for Noemi. She loves stamps and I have become an envelope stamp peeling slave. I have been trying to accumulate a whole bunch of stamps to overwhlem her with thanks with. Should be fun and happy making.

Well, I kept Beau home today. He got to bed too late last night because his friend's Mom brought him home late and he still ahd homework to do and the usual stuff. So we're going to go get his hair cut, buy more supplies for the science project and pick up his clarinet from the repair shop. Oooh that means I can say hello and give a peanut butter dog cookie to the angry little rotweiller guard dog I made friends with next door. Beau is going to like the instrument repair shop.

Anyone having sex around here? Cause I'm sure not, (heh, heh, okay well that's not totally true, I just wanted to motivate my man, hee hee.)

Love you guys,
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