May 12th, 2001


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Hi Everybody,

This is my first letter from my sponsor child in Nepal, Kopila Tamang. Isn't she a cutie? I tried to improve the picture a bit so you could see it but the original is pretty poor to begin with. I've received information about her and little notes from the STC field office people, but this is the first letter. It seems a little too sophisticated for a second grader. Maybe someone wrote down what she said, I used to do that for Beau when he was littler. The writing is beautiful, I've never seen this language written before, they sent me a translation so I could understand it.

Dearest friend,


We are fine here. Hope that you are well and happy. (Isn't that weird, I say this all the time in my letters to people.) I am very pleased to be your friend. Thank you so much for your card, letter, stickers and photographs. I am so glad that you played in television program and feature films. I learnt many things about you and your cats. I love you means "MA TIMILAI MAYA GARCHHU" (I = MA, LOVE = MAYA, YOU = TIMILAI.) Now, I read in grade two. It takes about fifteen minutes to reach my school which is in up of my house. We are three members in my house including my father and mother. My father and mother work in fields. I help them by fetching water, graze goats etc. We have four goats, one cow and two oxes. I play different games like rubber game (like yoyo) caromboard and other games. My favorite color is red. I also like goat and cat. I like to play doll and other toys. Our great festival is "Dashain" and another big festival is "Tihar". In dashain we take "Tika" means colors in forehead from Seniors and Seniors bless us for happiness. We eat meat and other delicious food and enjoy swim with friends. In Tihar, brothers take "Tika"
from sisters and brothers give present to sisters. Besides these, we celebrate several other festivals like "Maghe Sankranti" in winter, Small Dashain in Spring, etc.etc. I am eager to know about your city and your family.

Finally, we wish you for your happiness and success on the occasion of our Happy New Year 2058VS which we celebrated April 14, 2001.

I would like to stop for today and write you sum in the future.


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I love these old cards so much.

What a sweet business card.

My teeth are hurting, ouch, well one in particular, I think I need more Advil but I've already take some, hmmm.

I'm bidding on these babies, aren't they cute?
Beau is laughing in Esther's room. I love it when he laughs, he has the cutest laugh too, so free and happy.