May 26th, 2001


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God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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I'm hurting and feeling a little bit lost so i thought I'd go look for some guidance. As long as I was there I thought I might as well share it with my fellow aries pals ana and ariesgirlie. My favorite site seems to be down, so these are some of my other favorites.

My ex sister-in-law is going to stop by today. I haven't seen her in three years. I'm a little afraid and not looking forward to how challenging this will be. On the other hand I love her, I have a lot of faith that things happen as they are meant to, and it will be nice to see her and touch her again.

I'm going to see the Dalai Llama at UCLA in a couple of hours, I'm really excited about that.

I miss my Father, I'm going to go visit his grave as soon as I can, maybe tomorrow, definitely by or on Memorial Day. I still ahven;t designed his marker, I need a really great sentence, any ideas? I remember when a friend on anacam was going through this, it feels like yesterday.

ARIES - Weekly Update (Mar 21-Apr 19) SUN-SIGN
Your innovative ideas and your energetic nature on the 20th, 21st and 22nd will help you push your ideas into motion. You'll be receptive to new ideas on the 23rd and 24th. Friendships will develop into serious partnerships. Emotional upset is likely on the 25th and 26th. Curb your reactions to situations regarding home and family.
Eugenia Last

Week commencing Saturday, 26th May 2001
(Mar 21 - Apr 20)
Venus is STILL in Aries. Mars, the ruler of Aries, is STILL in Sagittarius. We are looking, this week, at exactly the same background picture that we were looking at this time last month. This may be why you feel as if, even though lots of little changes are happening, there are no really BIG changes. Or (because astrological alignments never offer us just one meaning) it may be that you feel enormous change IS taking place... but that none of it is of the sort you want. Whatever your current experience, you will benefit from one clear, decisive development this week. An irrefutable, irreversible and inspiring discovery about the extent of your own power.
Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts

Aries (May Monthly Horoscope)
My doctor asked me about stress. I replied that I seem to be constantly addressing merciless nemeses, formidable frustrations, daunting personal demons and obstacles galore. My doctor suggested that I should really try and have more fun. I said, "I thought I was having fun."

Our jaunt through pleasure-seeking Taurus beseeches you to indulge your favorite flavors of fun. Whether you're dueling or drooling, be sure to get some kicks. Self-esteem is an issue pulling a lot of weight. How you feel about your self and your work is contrasted with how others feel about you and your work. What you want dukes-it-out with what others want from you; you'll wrestle with hesitation, self-doubt and heady "outside influences."

The 6th is shifty; scheming Mercury's movement into Gemini enables you to create many options for yourself; or maybe you'll spin in indecision as so many options close-in on you. The big news for Aries is the retrograde motion maneuver of our planetary ruler, unruly Mars. Aries is an impatient astro-breed and so the backward motion of Mars through 19 July tests our persistence and our patience.

The big thrill for Aries is "beginnings;" however, initiative and the smell of victory are likely to be periodically distracted and downright frustrated while Mars moves backward. In order to invoke rough determination, hum the French Marseillaise (my personal fave) or Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries. This period of pause elicits eye-rolling and finger-drumming amidst a profound phase of re-definition and re-prioritization.

Relationship issues that you've managed to avoid may hold you hostage. The upside of the retrograde Mars trip is that you can benefit from the past; that which didn't quite pan-out over the previous two years is anxious for another shot of your conquest-inclined energy.
Jennifer Blue's Planetary Madness

Horoscope for Aries
05/21/2001 - 05/27/2001

Now when I was a young boy, at the age of five
My mother said I was, gonna be the greatest man alive
But now I'm a man, way past 21
Want you to believe me baby,
I had lot's of fun... I'm a man
I spell M... A... N...

That represents man
No B... O... Y...
That mean mannish boy... I'm a man
I'm a full grown man... I'm a man
I'm a natural born lovers man... I'm a man
I'm a rollin' stone... I'm a man
I'm a hoochie coochie man

Sittin' on the outside, just me and my mate
You know I'm made to move you honey,
come up two hours late... Wasn't that a man
I spell M... A... N...

The line I shoot will never miss
When I make love to a woman, she can't resist
I think I go down, to old Kansas Stew
I'm gonna bring back my second cousin,
that little Johnny Cockeroo
All you little girls, sittin' out at that line
I can make love to you woman, in five minutes time
Ain't that a man

((( Mannish Boy - Muddy Waters )))

Kyrie Elieson
"You can not destroy one who has dreamed a dream like mine."
("Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid.")
...An Anishinabe saying ...


Hey Moondoggies...
Yeah, these are some strange skies were dealing with Moondogs... There's an unseen, un-recognizable anger that's workin' on each of our deep subconscious minds... The reason is so we can "feel" it all and then release it back to the universe without allowing it to own us. I'll tell ya's... I am ever so thankful that the Big Guy looks after me so well... (perhaps I'm such a spaz that he needs too because who knows what the hell I would do if matters were left up to me hehehe)... but I don't care how high of a level you happen to be at... this energy can penetrate even to the highest levels. Nobody is immune to it...

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that even during these times of madness, if you can "detach" yourself from the events of life... you can see how screwy your actions really are... Hell, I'm no prize package... and sometimes it's actually more difficult allowing the Spirit to guide you when you have "just a little understanding"... Know what I mean?... Sometimes when you have just a little understanding, it makes it a lot easier to close off your mind, heart, ears, emotions because you "think" you know what everything means. It's like occasionally when I sit down with someone and read the Tarot Cards... the person will say... "Ohhhh... I know what that means"... and I immediately say... I'd be careful assuming that you know the meaning, because if you really did know then the Big Guy wouldn't have to reveal the answer to you in the cards... hehehe...

Dreams were meant to come true... but the act of "trying to make them come true" is often what prevents it from happening... (or delaying it)... It's like searching for your car keys when you're in a hurry... the frantic pace just makes it all that much more difficult. The Big Guy uses times like this to teach us patience and the "timing of the universe"... When I was a kid, I had a dream of having a Triumph TR6... I wrote about it many times... but this past week, after months and months of work... the car is finally "driveable"... CHECK IT OUT.... The point is that the dream never left... and the Big Guy never forgot the dream either... The sad part is that it took me 27 years to learn what I needed to learn to allow it all to happen the Big Guy's way... ((life for slow-learners huh?))...

Anyway... in these times of madness... it's important to be able to see and gain that little "flash of faith"... I guess if you can see the magic and miracles in some of the un-important areas of life... ya might be able to hang-on and hold onto the faith and belief in the things that are really important to you... I hope this makes some sense... I am pretty spent and exhausted... been doing the 14 hour days and it's been catching up to me... Whatever, like I was trying to say... I hope each of you can find the way to see past the madness... the details... and allow the Big Guy's Divine Love to flow freely to you... (Ya gotta ask for it though, he doesn't "impose" himself upon you without you requesting it)... Yeah, these are weird sky's... but they can be freakin' awesome if you move with the natural flow of love... Cool or what?...

Not to beat a dead horse, but Mars Retro. As you may or may not be aware when Mars goes direct (and I will tell you when it happens) you will be motivated to work towards your career goals and personal status achievements. This will be a time of great accomplishment. Right now you are correcting the confusion. You are cleansing your self of the procrastination and fear that has kept you immobile and rebellious. In this case I use the term rebellion as a negative because you have been rebelling against your true nature, which is to be successful. So find a routine that fits your needs. Practice following it over the next couple of weeks, until it becomes natural. Plan to work and work your plan. Of course you should be flexible, that is what life demands, but you should also know that Nuns have the longest life expectance of any group of individuals in the United States and that is because they have a daily routine. If it is healthy I like it. Up at 5am pound millet until noon bath prayer bible bed�just joking but you get the idea.
Daniel Whelland Dowd's Weekly Horoscope (ack so sorry lost the url)

Okay maybe I'm just bEing insecure and paranoid but T. just called and it sounds like she's trying to make her visit as short as possible, she hasn;t even gotten here and she already called the cab to come get her and take ehr to the Getty, Fuck me.

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I was just wondering, do you think there will be concession stands at the Dala Llamas appearance? What would they have, little Tibetan prayer flag booths. Pin the tail on the Chinese? Tee-shirts with crossed out, I heart China circles?