May 30th, 2001


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Oh I'm so excited, my wonderfully talented friend Julian, sent me the pictures he took of us at Burning Man last year. He's such an amazing photographer, plus he's just the biggest sweetheart, and his wifeling Jackie is pretty wonderful too. That's my friend Eduardo, Esther's son, standing next to me, and Beau is sitting on my scooter. I don;t know if I have the courage to put up the singles of me. I'm okay with myself in this one because I'm kind of hidden, but you really get to see my belly in the other two I have, sigh. I so wanted to be thinner and healthier this year.

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I don't know what this big rabbit has to do with anything but this is a cross post from my package gang community;

Hi Everyone,

I haven't been able to put up the wonderful contents of Susan's (Magic Woman) extremely generous and considerate package for a few weeks. I had a miscarriage and then just when I was recovering from that my father died. I asked her to give me a little bit of time to be able to do this and she kindly agreed.

First off this was the sweetest, happiest surprise! She was so thoughtful and considerate. She included sweet little souvenir things from her city; maps and cards, she even made an x to let me know where she works and lives. She was also nice enough to remember my little boy's birthday and sent him a little gift package that he was thrilled with. I so love package gang, now I have to send a package to koyoteblu that I had ready to go in my car when everything went wrong, so I have to spruce that up a bit, and send Susan's second package to her.

Here are the wonderful things I received;

Three really sweet smelling/scented floating floral candles.

A lovely rustic little angel of beauty ornament (so sweet).

An urban traveler mirror; it's a tiny mirror you can put in your purse or pocket, and it says Minneapolis-Saint Paul on it (I don't know if I told you this but my Grandmother was from Minneapolis and I'd love to do some genealogical research, maybe her parents and her parent's parents are buried there. That would be fun to figure out.)

A really pretty card from Aveda that has a picture of sand verbena on it, and a small tube of the scented oil, it smells so good.

A really cool mini-book called, A Thousand Paths to Tranquility by David Baird, my life has been so stressful for so long, so this is just what I needed.

A pretty, clear, green glass pebble, that says Live and Let Live; a great philosophy to live by, and one that is super-appropriate for me because I try to live this way every day, and was raised with a very different attitude.

A very pretty matte green dragonfly dish (I love this) with a wonderful calming natural little candle in a tin that kind of came nestled with it, so I put them together on my night stand.

Two little bottles of Aveda shampoo and conditioner. Blue Malva and a hair detoxifier. I'm looking forward to using these, but I've been keeping them in this package here so I would be able to tell you guys about them. I was worried if I carried everything off I would get confused when I tried to sit down to write this. God, this is so much fun, my house is going to be filled with little bits of Susan everywhere. So nice.

A box of organic Lemonmints by Speakeasy, it says they are zesty, quenching and enticing. I'll try one when I'm done with my veggie burger : )

Thymes lip balm that looks really natural and healthy.

A beautiful photo-frame in pale yellow with a water color print that says Love. Very nice.

A Dalai Lama pin which I love and have pinned to my lamp here in my office. (You're amazing, so thoughtful.)

A brochure of a lecture HH just gave so I can read about him and order a copy, also very thoughtful.

A postcard of a palace in Tibet.

A really cute fairy-wand candle that I've never seen before, it's a tiny little star candle on the end of a slender stick, so cute. I don't want to light it, but I guess I will use it for some kind of meditation or ceremony. Right now it's in my pencil cup.

Everything came wrapped so beautifully and there were so many nice cards; a postcard of downtown Minneapolis with an X where Susan works, a pretty card with a vintage image of Minneapolis on it, a romantic Henri-Cartier-Bresson photo-postcard of a couple cuddling on a bridge in Paris, a map of Minneapolis and a map and directory for The mall of America, and the card she sent along with all of this generosity has a picture of black and white cat who looks like her cat Chuckie, and several of mine (Tuxedo Cats, black and white), with a quote that says, "A dog is a dog, a bird is a bird, and a cat is a person" - Louise Mann.

Thank you Susan so much for your thoughtfulness, your generosity, and all of the work and effort that went into putting this together! You're the best!! It was so comforting to get. I actually opened it the night of the day my Father died because I really needed something to help me get through the night. I am enjoying all of these little gifts and I think the info about your city is such a great way to get to know someone, I'll try to include some stuff about LA when I get a chance.

Thank you guys so much for creating this community. It's been such a wonderful, healing experience for me, giving gifts is so much fun for me, and then being able to receive something in return is really more than I have been able to hope for in a long time. I don;t have a lot of people in my life who are loving, generous and thoughtful in this way. I am an extremely generous and romantic person when it comes to gift giving, and I've been aching for friends who care enough to be able to do the same for me. I've had to tone down my giving because it overwhelms people and eventually it gets depressing to be such a giver and get so little in return, blech, so I'm just trying to say how happy and grateful I am for a little community that sets up this kind of happy interaction between people.

Big huge hugs and thanks,