June 13th, 2001


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I'm finishing up my little vintage actress tags for my organizer baskets in my bathroom. I am sitting here writing back to people, listening to Art Bell, and running these things througha mini-laminating machine that I ahve placed on a stool between my legs. The rats need water. I need to pee. I am sooo tired. I still have some work to do on my lace/button lampshades. I kept burning my fingers on the glue gun so I bought a low melt one. I still ahve to make my Steiff animals look pretty on their shelves, hang up pictures, decorate my bulletin boards, chalk dust my newly painted chalkboard/headboard to tone down the color a bit, do somethign with my tiara-wedding-crown collection, oh shoot and put up the lace ribbons and hang my hair jewels and things on them. I'll just have to get this done tomorrow. I really need to sleep.

I could swear I just heard someone on the radio say that we should be careful when camping to avoid catching the plague. The PLAGUE?


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Hi Everyone.

We did it! It only took four people working full time all day and into the evening for three days straight, never mind the month or so of preplanning, to get it all done. I'm throwing in the towel, there's so much more I want to do, so many last minute things that didn't get done, but I just can't face it. Although now that I'm saying this I'm thinking yeah but that little church box thing out front that needs to have little scraps of ephemera put into it...gads, no more, eeeeeeeee.

Okay well I just wanted to sit here and take a breath. The photographers and the stylist editor gal (Sunday, what a sweetheart, and such taste, wow) have finished with my powder room and are working on the kitchen now. I keep seeing these white hot flashes through the windows, and I'm on the second story. Their flash is so bright it seems like an explosion.

I loved the man, David, who came and painted and helped us. He was such a doll! I hated to see him leave today. I really liked him! I bet his wife is fabulously groovy as well, usually when I like a guy his gal is great too. I know that isn't always the case with everyone but it has been with me. My poor neglected office companions are thumping and huffing around their cages, they need fresh water and snacks. That's next.

I'm firing up my Sony Cyber-Shot so I can take pictures, of the people taking pictures, of my house for you. Sunday made my bathroom look so amazing and I thought it looked pretty great to start with. I think I'm a frustrated stylist, but I overdo everything, too goopy, simplicity is a learned thing.

Okay I'll check back in later. Hope you're all happy and well.

love you guys,
your pal,
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