June 19th, 2001


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Brendan came by recently and was upset because I was complaining about my health and made a kind of stupid, off the cuff remark about being a walking future diabetes gal. I wrote back to him, but he hasn't responded, and I just wanted to say something about this here. I am working on improving my health and trying to prevent any future illness or problems. I was just employing my dark sense of irony. In reality I am doing as much as I can to stave off that grim Swedish guy with the long black robe and the scythe. I drink tons of water, special expensive water that I adore. I am increasing my level of exercise daily. I am eating better. I am meditating. I love life, I am eliminating as much stress as I can. I am having my mercury fillings replaced with something better. I sleep, I breathe. What more can I do?

I also mentioned that I'm not totally at sea here when it comes to supplementation. I've been familiar with homeopathic remedies since I was a little girl and have been using my own family's products, as well as Zand's and many others for so long it's hard to remember when I started, maybe as a baby. My Grandfather on my Father's side founded the first homeopathic pharmaceutical manufacturing company in the western part of The United States, (he also was the first person to can dog food, but that's another story) Hyland's Pills and Standard Homeopathic. Maybe you've tried them. You might have tried Calms Forte or the teething remedy for babies, or the cell salts, they have some wonderful products and are the oldest homeopathic company around these parts. My Grandfather was best friends with the owner of the oldest homeopathic pharmacy/drug store in Santa Monica, they had some rough times there when people forgot about homeopathy and turned almost exclusively to Western medicine, but it's enjoying a resurgence and people are becoming familiar with it all again.

Supplement-wise I am about to take twelve vitamins. That's just my midday serving. I thought I'd mention it because I don't usually, and I wanted you to know that I really do take them. That reminds me wasn't it funny on Passion Island, or whatever it was called, oh I remember, Temptation Island, when there was a gal who took like sixty vitamins or something. She was insane, better to eat the veggies and fruits directly than take that many.


What vitamins and mineral supplements do you guys take? I asked this once before but maybe things have changed since then, you may have discovered new things, I'm curious, can't hurt to ask.

I take a really good veggie multi, an Esther C, of course, multi B, E, ultra juice green, spirulina, a gymnestra and other herb mix, an algae, chromium picolinate, moducare sterinol, zinc, ultra duo dophilus, echinacea, elderberry, olive leaf and ginseng, off and on when I need it, cosamin DS for joint cartillage, coq10, selenium, LCarnitine, a great calcium supplement, and lots of herbs and homeopathic things as needed...I sometimes take Ultimate Slim, but I'm uncomfortable with the Ma Huang, ephedrine thing, it makes me too speedy and I'm reading more and more about it's not being that good for us. I also used to take HGH and SAME but I'm not too comfortable with them anymore. I could add ginko biloba but I doubt it will make that much of a difference and I think I'm kind of overloading my liver as it is.

I think Brendan's product line at Rexall is really awesome, they have everything you could want. If you want to order on line and go somewhere super organized that has it all, he's right, that'd be the place to go, but I like my brands, and I like going to my own local store, I've made friends there who know me really well and we work together. In terms of starting my own online Vitamin business there's just no way, I know myself and I just don't want to do it. The last thing I tried along these lines was this popular healing fruit thing from Tahiti, I got talked into it, and I wound up with cases of the stuff. Morinda I think. I know, I know RSI isn't like that but it just doesn't excite me, I'm sorry, maybe if I was selling plays or something, or art supplies. Oh God, I just don't need anything else to worry or think about. I'm too fractured and split as it is. I want to earn money for the things I love, the things I was born to do, my right work. Maybe that's naive of me, but that's where I stand for now.