June 21st, 2001


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Poin�onnez le Monstre de Biscuit

It's not very loving of me, but I laughed so hard when I heard that an irate father, at a Sesame Street amusement park, became enraged and kicked and punched a Cookie Monster, and then stuck his head in it's mouth and screamed profanities at it, because it refused to pose for a picture with his daughter. It's just so typically absurd, you know, parenting gone mad. Poor Cookie Monster park employee. Sometimes though I get a similar urge, a dark desire to harm the sham happy park creatures, I mean come on, you know it's just some hot sweating kid with acne, hanging out under there, someone who probably hates kids and is just counting the hours till his shift ends and he can go spark one up in the parking lot. Maybe the Cookie Monsters get the urge to kick kids sometimes, who knows what happens when we're not looking.