August 1st, 2001


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Speaking of blondes, here's a nice mermaidy gal I met at Burning Man last year.

I love you guys so much but don't have time right now to get back to everyone individually so I'm going to write one note for everyone.

Thanks sooo much for reading and writing and caring!!!

I don't mean anything against people here, who I love, who either dye their hair blonde, or are blonde naturally! No no no! I love you guyz!!!!!!!! I'm just, oh I don't know, railing against the tyranny of beauty as you mentioned. My Mother is blonde, I love blondes, and have always been offended by dumb blonde jokes, I just read a great one the other day, I think Reese Witherspoon(sp?) said it, shoot, it was a turnaround on men, something like why do men always tell dumb blonde jokes, oh well.

Anyway my personal frustration is that I am a brunette, I like being brunette, I think dark hair is sexy, in fact my favorite Madonna look is when she had that short dark bob thing, her Dita phase I think, when she said Fuck on Letterman. It's that I've been pressured to be blonde since I was little. Sometimes I wish I was, like just yesterday I was thinking of cutting my hair all off, pixie like, and doing the bleach it platinum/white thing, but then I thought about how much my partner would probably hate that, and since I'm at my top weight, blah, sniff, sniff, I think maybe I need my hair. I'm trying to figure out what to do for Burning Man; Ana and Stacey recommended a place, can't remember the name, on-line, that has some great multicolored falls and braidy things, so I might just go for that so I wont trash my hair, but I like doing something wild, ack, who knows...

And Lola, its so much fun to see your face. Is that really you? I can't say you're pretty in a post about beauty tyranny, so just know that I'm thinking it, heh, heh, although I always envisioned you with flame red hair ; )

You know what, I think I'll just add to this and make it today's post. Okay, poof, so here it is; today's post.

We're on our way out to do a couple of errands. Apparently my female mind never grasped the concept of the importance of changing the oil in my car. I swear I thought this was something you did once every couple of years. I know this is a feline (I said that on purpose) thing with me, and don't want to offend any of my feminist friends, but it just simply is. Meow. I never bothered to learn that its this kind of basic thing you do every three thousand miles. My poor Jeep, my oil must be all gritty black carbon gunk, no wonder its been acting so funky, sheesh. Where have I been?

After the oil changing we're going to go to Best Buys to drop off my computer and pick up Eduardo's. Oh the joy of standing in their endless lines. I need to get a memory upgrade for Beau's computer as well, and some ink.

I'm thinking about Burning Man, what I'm going to wear, how I'll do my hair, what our gift project will be. Everyone talks about trade, but I've never thought of it that way. I just make stuff to give and know I'll get stuff from other people, it's just sweet and wonderful that way, big lazy happy stretch.

I was super logey and depressed this afternoon. Poor Scott called me and I didn't want to talk to him, picked on him for being eager and trying hard to reach me. Sheesh, poor guy, what was I thinking. I finally figured out it was the Klonopin I took to get to sleep last night. Those little guys are nasty. A friend of mine who had been taking them became suicidal until she got off them. Damn it, in my arrogance, I thought I wouldn't be affected in the same way.

Well, I guess thats it for now.

Loving you wildly,

This isn't the greatest shot but I wanted you to see her bike with the jellyfish, isn't that funny? You can just see my squeaky-cat-toy on the back of my bike behind her. Mostly I used a lime green scooter with dinosaurs though.