August 5th, 2001


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Prescriptions and Insurance, Angelina and Antonio, and my package from Susan

I have this prescription (Prevacid) that I have to take daily. I didn't even want to take it, but my doctor made me. It's really expensive, a thirty day prescription costs $180.00. Luckily my insurance has been covering it. I have four pills left. I need some other prescriptions filled so I called my pharmacy. They can't fill the Prevacid because there is a "cost cutting control device" that says they will only pay for 150 pills in 180 days. Hunh? If someone needs to take a pill on a daily basis, how can they do something like that? I hate them.

On a happier note, I found the package gang present that my friend Susan sent me, it was at my PO Box and I thought I'd given her my home address. I'm so happy, I thought it had been lost, and I felt badly for her.

And my other friend Susan called, yeay, now I can call her back. I thought she was mad at me because I couldn't make it to her play.

I saw the Angelina Jolie/Antonio Banderas movie last night. I knew it would be bad, but I'm a huge Angelina fan, and I actually like Antonio as well so we went. The plot was lame. The cinematography so so. The costumes were lovely, and of course Angelina and Antonio were beautiful and sexy. The sex scenes were very hot for an R rated film, although I heard the director was forced to cut for the rating, darn. I guess we'll see it in the expanded unedited (ha) DVD version. I did think it was funny when Senor Banderas said, "Whatever Angelina gets during the day, Melanie gets from me in the night, and for real." I think sometimes all of the publicity and fame and flattery can really go to a person's head.

I did like the acting though, especially by this costar who I don't know. I'll have to do some research. He was wonderful, I think this will be a break out film for him. There was one scene where he's telling Angelina that she belongs to him, their faces were really close and he actually spit in her mouth, as in you are man, ack ptuey. I was horrified, but it was inspired. If I were working with him and he did that to me I would fucking kill him, but it played really well. I can't imagine the director who would tell his leading actors that they should do that, although Miss Angie seems really game, so who knows, but I really think it was improvised. I kind of hate stuff like that, actors or directors (Alfred Hitchcock) who do potentially harmful things to other actors to get a rise out of them. ON the other hand I once worked with someone who was such a wimp. We had this scene where I had to slap his face. I know how to slap a face where it won't really hurt, but he was so afraid that he made a huge big deal out of it. Baby.

I am loving our new doggy. I have to take a picture of him for you.

Burritos for breakfast.

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Opening My Package/Presents From Susan, Yeay!

And now for the highlight of my day; I'm opening my wonderful package from my friend Susan, (Magicwoman) who is my partner in the package gang. This is so much fun.

The first thing I see here is a really pretty black and silver hologrammey gift bag, which I remember you said was for Beau. Isn't that nice?

I'm peeking, shhh. It's a really cute gumball machine for M&M's. Oh and there's also a yellow smiley face blow up ball, and a package of Kool-Aid slushy mix. You are so nice Susan, Beau is going to love this. People here have been so nice to him. He wants to meet the people who send him things.

My turn;

A really cool book bag with The Grapes of Wrath on the cover. (Did you know I was going to Monterey/Cannery Row when you bought this? Amazing.)
A realllly pretty pink Italian scarf/coverup that comes in its own little bag. This is gorgeous, it's such a pretty color. I love it!
A lovely dream journal by Flavia. You're so considerate, Susan!
Black hairband with rhinestones. Sparkly and tasteful. I'm putting this on right now. My bangs drive me crazy. I love rhinestones.
Purple Glitter metallic flower feather pen. Gotta keep this away from the kitties. Oooh it writes really smoothly. This is going in my pen mug, here by me on my desk : )
2 postcards of the Guthrie. I'm going to have to do some research. What a great looking stage.
The Dalai Llama's Book of Wisdom. Love him, love this!
A pulchritudinous (I had to look up pretty in my thesaurus, because I'm using it too much) and very romantic, coin purse, keychain bag. People at the beach dancing with a maid and a butler holding umbrellas. God was life ever like that for anyone?
Luna protein bar inside, and a comely (having trouble finding enough adjectives, I like the word pretty) floral pocket mirror with a rose on it, and something in a little bag, I'm opening it and it's...two little butterfly hair holders. I'm putting them in my hair right now.

This is so much fun Susan, thank you sooo much.

Hemp Seed straightening balm. I gave some of these hemp products to Scotti for Christmas, but he never told me if he used them or what he thought. I'd wondered what they were like. Two more hemp products. I love samples, fun, fun, fun. will sue them soon.
I can't believe there's more here.
Oooh a box of Summer Cocktail recipes on cards, how cute. Gonna have to try a couple of these with Mr. Scott.

Bathroom break.

God Susan, I am so moved, I can tell how much thought and effort you put into this. I have always wanted a friend who would give gifts to me the way I can. My other friend Susan is the closest I've ever had, but no one, and I really mean no one in my entire life, has ever lavished this much, and paid this much attention to me, and to what I might like. I'm really moved and deeply touched. I only hope I can do you justice in my return package.

Two Guthrie magazines or programs. Here's the research I wanted to do. What an amazing theatre! I'd always heard of it, but hadn't really known much about it. These are great, so much more fun than ours. I love the photoplay section in the Once In a Lifetime one. These will be fun to devour.
A study guide for Once In a Lifetime, now this is awesome! I've never seen one. I am just trying to imagine the budget that allows for something like this. I'm so impressed, we don't have anything like this and we should. You put our theatre to shame.
A Dorothy Parker card, thank you. You know it says on the back that they were allowed to use her image by permission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. That tells me two things; either she was of African American descent, which I hadn't heard, but would be very cool to learn, or she left her estate to this charity, also very cool, especially for a Caucasian woman at that time. Hmmm, more research, must ask the Dorothy Parker group here.
A really pretty (sorry) blue and white cloisonne oriental frame in the shape of a vase.
A fun green beaded square frame, these are both great, I'll use these right away.
Gingko Brain Food bars, someone's been reading my journal ; ) This is good, does it have dates in it?
Oh great a coaster, I actually needed one because I'm wrecking this pretty painted table. Nice sexy fifties pin up woman on it. Thanks. I just put my ice water on it.

Pill taking break.

Oh here's Beau. I'm going to give him your presents : )
Beau says,"She's so nice. Mmmm slushy. Whoopie cushion I think." He's blowing it up now. His friend Freddy just came in the room. "Look Freddy, look at all the stuff I got from my Mom's friend Susan. Wanna make slushies?" "Oh man, you're so lucky." Beau throws the happy face ball at me. "Hey it has a bell in it. Tell her I say, 'Thaaaanks,' and um, that I don't know what else to say." They're going to go take pictures of the new dog for me so I can put them up on my journal.

Okay and now for the drum-roll, these last two presents are wrapped, so I figured they should get a drum roll...
The Zen Koan Card Pack. It looks like a form of Zen divination. I LOVE stuff like this! Pretty too. This is going to help me, "clear the clouds from our minds and allow s to bask in the rays of the sun." Sound good to me. Susan how can you afford all of this? You are so generous!!!
Oh my God!!! I really did save the best for last, Chinese character rubber stamps! I love rubber stamps!!!! And Chinese characters, this is so great, I love this!!!!
Susan, really, thank you so so so much. This is amazing. I'm so thrilled. How fun. You know I've lowered my expectations sooo much in terms of gift receiving that I'm happy when I get a card and a little paperback book. This is amazing. I feel like it's my birthday. I want to go take a nap with my toys. How old am I that I want to do something like that? Or maybe it's a doggy kind of thing, no, then I'd want to go bury them. I just want to kind of cuddle up with them and incorporate them. Thank you honey, thanks, thanks, thanks.
You wish you had Susan for a package buddy, Hee Hee.
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