August 6th, 2001


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We went to see Planet of the Apes tonight. Hmmmm. It was fun trying to figure out when Tina Marie would show up. I'm pretty sure she was in an early dinner scene and a bedroom scene. The plot was preposterous. Marky Mark was pretty to watch. Helena Bonham Carter elevated things a bit. Oh wait a second, was Tim Roth the evil general? I wanted to like it but knew I wouldn't. I used to really like Tim Burton.

Okay, going to go watch Sex and the City and Six Feet Under. I LOVE Six Feet Under! I hope my new VCR worked. I'm hopelessly stupid when it comes to VCRs.

My bunny friends are making a lot of noise in the patio, but then so are the ferrets and the rats, oh no, it was the chinchilla knawing on her house. You know I was just thinking today that my home, with all of these animals, is really more like a farm, but then that would make me the Eva Gabor character and this would be Green Acres without Mr. What Was His Name?

Off to bed.


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Okay, here's the new doggy. We named him Jack after my Dad. The kids took these pictures yesterday. He's really sweet, even though he looks kind of dark and wolfy, but I like that. The paperwork said that someone found him in Venice and brought him in. I don't know, it's hard to believe that he was wandering the streets. I guess I don't want to think of him that way. I'm thinking maybe he belonged to some selfish people who got tired of taking care of him, who brought him in to the shelter, and lied about finding him. Although he's pretty thin, he was super dirty, and he growls when you pet him anywhere near his face when he's eating. We were sitting outside with him and he was chewing on a rawhide kind of thing and Scott went to pet him and he did that, don't get near my food protective growly dog thing. Maybe that's just normal, but then again maybe it's because he's been having to fight for food. Poor dog, I just couldn't leave him there to die. There's something really noble and gentle about him. I thought I would put him with Spirit and Puppy but he doesn't want to be left with them, he looks at me pleadingly, as if to say, "Oh God please don't leave me with these crazy dogs."

I've been feeling reallly weird lately, maybe it's a kind of intestinal bug thing, yeeee, not nice, feeling sick, blech.


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Cats and Cassavetes.

I stayed up until 5:30 last night (this morning?) I watched the shows I taped, (I soo love Six feet Under!) and then Cassavetes' Opening Night came on, so I had to watch it. Gena Rowlands is exquisite, always was, always will be. I adore her! I have a very personal connection to this film. I was about thirteen when I saw it, and of course since I had always wanted to be an actress, I watched it something like seven times. I've told this story before so I'll be brief, but basically I wound up meeting Cassavetes when my friend and I went upstairs to see if we could get a copy of the poster. He was wonderful and nice and crazy. There were midget gypsies dancing on the tables, someone played a violin, Cassavetes sang. It was wild and strange and an amazing experience. I never got the poster, but his assistant Igor stalked me for about ten years or so. He kept leading me on, promising me a role in a Cassavetes film, yeah right, he just wanted to screw me. I knew that, but I had dinner with him in Westwood anyway just for fun and because he promised me a signed copy of that damned poster. Of course he didn't bring it and I blew him off after that. I've had so many weird experiences like that. I guess you kind of can't help it when you grow up in Bel Air and are a major movie addict.

I decided I'd better be fair to the kitties and put up some of their pics as well. I have this cabinet in the upstairs hallway where the Cornish Rex gang and the Sphinxes like to hang out. Its so cute how they all pile in together. I had just woken them up when I took this picture which is why they all look so groggy. You can just see Kit Kat sneaking on to snuggle. That's his Mom Ala in the center. Her half brother Harry is next to her and her Dad Niki is buried under everyone. Mouse and Leelu are brother and sister. Piggy's Mom isn't in this picture.

Okay this is kind of an ugly picture of my bed with the kittens and their moms. Usually I have pillows and things at the back by the chalkboard and it looks prettier, but Twinkle has taken to peeing on my pillows so I have to kind of bunch them up under the covers so he'll leave them alone. It's kind of hard to see but there's a bag on the bed and Mini Harina (she looks like Harry, so the kids named her that) sat down and he overgrown kittens came up to nurse. Curly who is a little black cat on the right looking up at something is the one I showed you guys ages ago, when he was sitting on my keyboard. He's a sweetheart, he likes to kiss me a lot but then he tries to nurse on my nose, which I don't like too much.

Here's Little Guy who almost didn't make it because he was so sickly when he was little. His Mom, Leelu, decided he wasn't worth keeping and kept tossing him out. He would cry sooo loudly, he had such a will to live, so we fed him by hand and worked so hard to save the little tiny bit of site he has left in one eye. The vets wanted to take his eyes out but I wouldn't let them. He's feisty and funny and friendly, he gets around fine. Lui is next to him, we got Lui when we were in Hawaii. He came from Canada. We named him after this wonderful old yukelele (sp?) player we fell in love with. My buddies Twinkle and Sparkle, Scott calls them the Kle Brothers, are on the right. They are verry shy Oriental Shorthairs and I f%^&$*& adore them!
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Hi Everyone,

The Live Journal Camp at Burning Man are looking for a little help. I am so broke right now, too many vet bills and ebay nuttiness, but I sent some money their way anyway. Will you go read the post, you never know, you might have some of the things they need lying around somewhere.

Here's the post.

Theres a show about lighting on tonight, on Discovery, well that's what the TV guide says. I was so close to a huge lightning strike this Summer so I'm definitely interested, although this is looking kind of hokey. You guys can't even begin to understand how loud they are until you've been that close to one, it's unbelievably humbling.

I took the new dog, Jack with me on my errands today. We stopped at Petco so he could pick out some treats and toys. It was so much fun watching him walk down the aisles smelling things. he picked these rawhide chew things and some other creepy thing. He was so happy though. I made a little metal bone tag thing. Parker Stevenson, (anyone remember him from The Hardy Boys?) was in line behind us, and there was a nice woman with a gorgeous flowery printed coat, who is married to Tommy Lee Jones, who petted Jack. He's in town filming

I am sooo hungry, yeay dinner.

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This is horrible:

Couple forced to walk naked after date

A young Indian couple were forced to parade naked because they stayed out late on a date.

The pair were humiliated by villagers because dating before marriage and staying out late is not allowed in conservative rural areas of the country.

The girls family has also been expelled from Mujheda Sadat village in Muzzafarnagar district.

Extra police have been deployed because the incident has created such a stir in the area, reports The Times of India.

Parents arrange most marriages and most couples see each other for the first time on their wedding night.

Story filed: 17:23 Saturday 21st July 2001
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