August 7th, 2001


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Hey Everyone I just created a new community at the suggestion of Missy Di (funtxslady). It's CelebySightings, the place to report your celebrity sightings, no matter how ridiculously minor, or major, they may be. Barring the whole nasty intrusive media privacy issue thing, heh heh, it should be fun. Go sign up. Yeay.

Besides successful creative people stories are always interesting.

Love you guyz,

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Some Pictures Of My House

I started putting up all of the photos I took the day of the Mary Englebreit magazine photo shoot, but it's taking forever. There must be an easier way, argh.

This is a kitty doorstop I got, it's so funny because a lot of my cats look just like this, and they thnk it's real. They also think my squeaker cats are real, which seems so weird to me.

This is a cabinet I have in my powder room upstairs. I'm so hoping someone will be naughty and peek inside one day.

I want it to seem like a medicine cabinet from another time. I'm still working on it, although I did find condoms. Oh, and that's an Indian in the cupboard toy from the movie. It makes me smile. I keep hoping it will come alive when I'm not watching.

Ths is my night stand, it's always changing. I think I got the cuckoo looking kitty on eBay, it has these funny blinking eyes and it's tongue bobs up and down. I put rhinestones all over it. It makes me laugh.

And this is my friend Lui although I have better pics of him.
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