August 8th, 2001


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Here are some more of the pictures of my house and things that I'm uploading. I'm a little concerned because a LJ pal of mine had to take me off her friends list because she didn't want to have to scroll, plus I imagine this must be slow loading, well I don't do it too often, except for the naughty vintage pics. I thought these were small enough that you didn't have to scroll. Are you guys having trouble too. If so I'm really sorry. If I had a site to link you to, I would do that instead. I guess I could always just put a link in, but that wouldn't be as fun, argh. I'm working on it.

Here's one of my monkeys. Scott says he looks like a rabbi saying prayers. I have little rubber faced ones too but I have to find them.

These are some of my mini Steiffs. Although, as soon as I take a pic of anything, things change and are completely different. I want you to see them now because I added some more, oh well, you can't have everything, or maybe you can.

Here's Gelato, Precious, and Curly. I didn't name Precious, poor thing, but I kept it because she kind of knows it. I try to change it to make it more palatable ie: Pea. Precious is trying to sneak in and steal the bed. I don't think she gets along with Gelato. I get to pick G up from the hospital tomorrow but I don't know how I'm going to pay for it. I'm having the same trouble with my RV for Burning Man, but I always work it out, so I'm not consumed with worry, maybe just semi-consumed, sigh.

This is the front of my perfume cabinet. This was originally a place that was going to have a TV that swivelled, so you could watch it from either the toilet or the bath, but with Beau around, and all of the cats, it just seemd too dangerous, so I had it glassed in and hung the TV on the far side of the bathroom, well away from the tub. Now it's a little display case for my wacqui stuff. Although in this picture it looks pretty tame. Sunday (my pal the magazine editor) destuffed it so it would look better, but I think it looked cooler before, yup, unhunh.

Here is the back side of the same cabinet. This is in my toilet, that I called a powder room, in my last post. If you say toilet in Spanish, it's considered very rude. I don't think they use the actual word for toilet very much. I know, I could call it the WC, for water closet, that works.

Here's that TV I was talking about. It sure looks like it's about to fall over doesn't it? I collect paper lanterns, I have them all over the place. These are over my sink area.

Here's a picture of one of my sinks.

And here's Jake at the other sink. (Jake is my favorite cat, but then so is Nicky.)

Here's my pal Sunday with Lui and Spot in the background. This was the day of the photo shoot thang. She brought yellow flowers and put them in green pots I had on my porch. Then she put doughnuts, and watermelon, and milk on the counter. I'm not too big on yellow flowers unless they're daisies (thank you Ana and MAW : ).

More to come.

Big huge squishy cuddly hugs,