August 19th, 2001


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Mmmmm Thai food for lunch/breakfast. The drag though is that I always feel kind of blechy afterwards. I feel so much better when I eat Japanese, (the food not the people, bop). Do people from Thailand eat like this every day? It seems kind of, umm, spicy/sweet for a daily diet.

I think I'm past the hardest part of taking my antidepressant, (Effexor), down a notch. It's still scary though. I am trying to compare how I feel now, with how I felt a little over a week ago, and while I feel a little bit more present, things do feel kind of grey and sad. I guess that makes sense. Although I don't know if it's worth the trade off.

I did a geek flop off the curb yesterday and smacked into the hood of a car, setting off the car alarm. I'm getting a little too old to pop right back up and do the, I'm just fine, dust off. I was so embarrassed but I did my best, oh don't worry about me I'm just fine, dusted myself off, and then limped back to my car. My cats do the same thing, they'll come zooming around a corner and smack, face first, into a wall they's forgotten about, check to see if anyone saw them, and then casually stroll away as if it never happened. I can always tell when it hurts though because they try to shake if off a second or two later.

My head still itches and hurts but I am super sensitive, so it makes sense I'd be feeling this. I was thinking it's kind of like having someone put an itchy bowl of fruit on your head, and never being able to take it off. I'm like the fat Carmen Miranda, but I do love my hair. I'm working on getting a picture I can stand to put up here for you.

I really want to go see a movie today, but it's getting late. I'm meeting my moody Scott monkey at 6:30 and we're going to go bail my little cat Ala out of the hospital. Her heart is too weak to take the anesthesia she would need for the dental cleaning. Gelato is hanging in there but she looks really thin and she feels cold to me. We're giving her subcutaneous fluids, but I don't know if they're working. I think we need a bigger needle and a shorter tube. I wouldn't dread all of this as much if I didn't know my Mother was going to try to do something to prevent me from spending so much money at the vet. After the vet, we're going to have pizza, and them come home to watch the finale of my favorite show, Six Feet Under. If you aren't watching this you're reallly missing something great!

Okay I'm off to see what you guyz are up to.
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I've been naughty

I've been playing on ebay instead of doing the things I'm supposed to be doing. I found lots of pretty pictures. Isn't she innocent and sweet?

Okay, so this is a bit sexist but she's so pretty.

This gal reminds me of ana for some reason. I think she's super sexy.

I like these Casino de Paris/Moulin Rouge cards.

This tiny one is cute.

These women are so cool.

I love this headdress.

Okay and now for the pretty naked gals.

Talk to you guyz later.