September 9th, 2001


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Hi Everyone,

Still landing. Getting adjusted to a new medication. Pills, yuck, ptuey. Dealing with this weird throat/cold/flu-bug thing. Learning how to make super primitive animations. Going to see Rock Star with Scott if I can summon the energy, and then afterwards we'll watch Band of Brothers on HBO. Haven't been able to face the task of logging in my Burning Man writings and uploading the pictures. You know, I have one friend who regularly takes ten to eleven months to update his Burning Man site. That helps me feel a bit better. I'll go put up a picture now to tide you over.

Love you,

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Huh, this is so weird, I use Clubphoto for my pics because I'm a coward and haven't learned how to FTP to a site of my own. I edited this picture of Mark so it looked nice and was a reasonable size but now I can;t find the good version. I either get this wiggly one or a huge one. Argh so fristrating. No time to fix things and a promise is a promise. I fished around for some nudes but I only had enough time to go through about seventy or so images and I have to go. I figured anyone who knows my buddy Insomnia would appreciate the styley hair do that Iceblink gave him.

I liked htis gal's tutu so I took her pic. It seemed like lots of people were wearing tutus, especially guys. That or those frilly multi-layered crinoline slips from the fifties. I wore red ones last year, but didn't think they'd go with my blue green hair. I need to make some.

Why do these images look so crappy. I purposely shot them at a super high resolution so they'd be crisp and colorful. Hmmmm, I'm starting to seriously dislike my image hosting place.

These were just people passing by in a golf cart. I have got to get one for next year. Too bad her face is shadowed. Oh well, at least I put some pics up. Okay talk to you guys later.