September 12th, 2001


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Ebay pulled all auctions with any reference to The Twin Towers, The World Trade Center, or the Pentagon. I guess a lot of people want to buy some kind of memento of what the world felt like before this, a little snow globe might give someone a sense of comfort in some small way. On the other hand it would pretty evil to try to profit in any way from this, and I can imagine that all kinds of people would soon be auctioning off souvenirs, candid photos, pieces of paper, etc, and that would just be so awful. So good on them for making a decent decision.

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I got this from Tig, Blonderoots here on Live Journal. Count me in.

For those who KNOW of the power of COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, you will understand that WE CAN help this world to HEAL!!!!!! I am asking that all of us pass this prayer onto as many people in the world that you know. We are planning to take 5
minutes on Thurs. morning, SEPT. 13TH @ 7:00 AM to pray for PEACE. Say this prayer, say your own prayers, meditate for world PEACE and HEALING!!! Christians,Buddhists,Spiritualists,New Agers alike, it doesn't matter; the effect will be the same.The POWER of all of us collectively sending LOVE into the UNIVERSE at the same time WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

PEACE PRAYER 9/13/2001

Dear God, Goddess, All That Is,

Today we intend your healing LIGHT to shine upon every living creature on this planet. We ask that you shower us with your LIGHT and your LOVE. May this LIGHT penetrate in through the crowns of our heads, down to our hearts,through our entire bodies. Now, down through our feet ,reaching into the
Earth. Down to the crystal core,surrounding your core with this LIGHT and LOVE. Sending your LIGHT down through the other end of the planet coming out again up through the body of another human on the other side of the world
from ourselves. Your LIGHT and LOVE will cradle our hearts and minds.
Opening our hearts and allowing this LIGHT to burst from our own hearts like enormous beams from our chests. These BEAMS of LIGHT will pass though our hearts and shine onto our neighbors hearts, our co-workers, our loved ones,our enemies, and especially to all those families suffering from this catastrophic event. At this moment ,SPIRIT, we ask you to envelop each and every one of us with your blanket of LIGHT ,LOVE & PEACE. May we heal and be
healed by your tremendous LOVE. Bless all those families involved in this horror. Bless those souls who have passed on. Help them to the LIGHT. Cradle these families in your hands with compassion and strength.

At this moment today, Sept. 13th ,2001, we as a planet intend that only PEACE and LOVE shine through every heart on Earth. We intend this and we KNOW this to be a possibility!!!! Through the POWER of God and Goddess LIGHT and LOVE will prevail.!! We are blessed with the LIGHT , LOVE and WISDOM of SPIRIT flowing to us and through us.We now feel this incredible POWER within us!!!!!!