October 23rd, 2001


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Hello my darlings, hello my babies, hello my ragtime pals. Thanks to God, the Universe, two girlfriends who loaned me a little money, a dear, dear friend here on LJ who lovingly sent me fifty dollars as a gift, and your prayers, I am going to be able to save my jewelry and silver from the folks at Beverly Loan. I lost my engagement ring and several other important pieces of jewelry this way. So I see this as a miracle. I am so grateful and relieved and it amazes me that with the help of people I love, I was able to avoid having to go to my Mother. It feels like a big win.

I'm having a hard time writing right now because my big fat wonderful Cio Cio-cat is here pawing at me and getting her claws stuck in my tee-shirt, ack. I have to hurry because I need to get the carpool and get showered and be at my friend Monique's house, (another miracle considering I've become such an agoraphobic, I would just love to talk to Kim Basinger about this) to go to a guitar class she signed us up for. I'm going to learn willow Weep For me tonight because it's only three chords. Beau's coming too, but we have to wrap our guitars in towels because our guitar cases have been peed on, oh the joy of having cats.

Oh and I've been having really interesting dreams lately, well, to me anyway. Last night I dreamt I was this blonde babe-ish gal married to Robin Williams. We were hanging out in this beautiful garden like place with all of these actors I love. Someone was getting married and we were making a movie. My Father was there and I was so happy to see him. I felt so loved and accepted and was in heaven to be doing my art, and loved by this wonderful successful man.

At some point there was a problem underwater on the film set and we all rushed to the headwaters of this river. Everyone was grabbing their scuba gear and jumping in to help. It took me a while to get my regulator and my BCD on. When I finally got it together and jumped in I couldn't get any air off my regulator, so I reached behind me and realized it had been turned off, which was weird because I had just checked my tank and turned it on. Then I realized there was someone swimming behind me, every time I'd turn it on, he'd turn it off. He turned out to be a terrorist.

There was also a lot of beautiful, highly detailed, Goddess imagery and symbolism, but sadly I've blocked most of it.

Our yard is looking super Halloweeny without the gore. I feel really good about that, and Beau isn't as upset as I thought he would be. It was a little hard not to use some of my great props, especially my favorite sexy long haired vampire head guy, but he can wait until a happier, safer time. Oh, and did anyone listen to Art Bell last night? Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola anyone?

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I really really need your help for my cat/friend Gelato. Please will you say a prayer or light a candle or just stop right now for just a second and think a positive thought for her? Please? Please? Please? It really does work, even if you think it doesn't, will you please act as if it does for me? The last time I asked and people here prayed for her she got much better. She's such a wonderful little being, I don't want to lose her. Pray that she gets well and that she eats and gains weight, please? Thanks you guys, I love you all very much and will gladly return the favor any day!!!