October 26th, 2001


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Woops I Took Too Much Medicine. Looking for Money. Gelato and Rat Friends.

I'm looking up my medications at this site, HeliosHealth.com. I take a blood pressure medication called Altace/Ramipril and last week I had this weird dizziness attack. Scott had to pet my head for a long time before I began to feel better, (Yeay Mr. Scotty). Turns out I overdosed my medication. I had gotten up late and took the pills I normally take and then I took the rest of them at my normal bedtime but it wound up being only five hours between doses when it's supposed to be more like eight or nine. I think my blood pressure went way down and that's what caused the dizziness, not enough blood to the brain, yikes. Pills can be scary.

My Halloween decorations are coming along. I'm almost ready to call my friend who is an editor for several groovy magazines that I like, so she can come take pictures to pitch around for next Halloween. The shoot of my house wont come out till spring. I'd always heard they planned things way in advance, taking pictures of models for the spring issue in freezing cold, but it still seems weird to me. So much changes around here that if you took a picture now, in six months, whatever you photographed wouldn't be remotely the same.

I need money so I'm letting go of things I don't adore or need. I have lots of stuff I can sell. I took pictures of a Swatch watch and a pretty chalkware urn yesterday. I'll show you guys pictures later, just for fun, not so you'll buy them. And last night I went through one of my jewelry drawers and picked out a lot of signed rhinestone pieces I can let go. It's kind of fun but as usual I feel a wee bit frightened and intimidated, wish me luck.

Thank you again for your loving good thoughts for my friend kitty Gelato. She's still alive so something must be working. I got her to eat about ten licks of chicken baby food off of my finger yesterday, we gave her 50cc's of water and put the ear medicine in her ears. She's sitting with the kittens right now. We're going to the vet later. I wish animals would live longer lives. Oh and my ratties need medicine because they have mites, but I left a huge bill ($1,800.00, yes I am stupid) at my rat vet when I was trying to save the life of my sick bunny. And we have a rat problem in the garage, they're eating my stuff but I'm not going to kill them and don;t know what to do. I thought about getting a high pitched anti rat electronic device but worry that if they run to the neighbors house, the neighbors won't be as nice. I thought about trapping them, but what if I wind up trapping a mama rat who has babies waiting for her. God it's hard being such a wretched empathy queen.