October 29th, 2001


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Hi Everybody,

I'm feeling kind of anxious today, hmmmm, I hate this feeling, blech. I'm actually pretty proud of myself because I finally put my item up for sale on eBay, now I just have to follow that up with a few dozen more. My sweet neighbor Karyn (I just adore her and am so grateful she came along, I think I am so lucky) sold things at our neighborhood garage sale this weekend and made five hundred and fifty something dollars!! Her Dad sold stuff too, I wonder what he made. Money, grrrrr. I hate worrying about it. I'm sure I'm not alone in that. (I love you Howie.)

My goals for this week are; mail my packages to Jen and Susan and Cali, help Beau finish his costume, finish the Halloween decorating on the porch, call Sunday to come take scouting pics for the magazines, have a Happy Halloween, fill out these scary financial papers for my divorce, and list more items on eBay. Oh and to make love with my Scott. Wish me luck.

Come see my auction, weeeeeeee. (Not so you'll bid on it, just so you can see : )
hello come see me

Love you guyz,

PS: Gelato is hanging in here. She's in the hospital because I couldn't get her to eat. I keep praying she'll get better and they say there's still hope. It's (the vets and their care) so upsetting and frustrating for so many reasons that I won't go into right now, sigh.

PPS: I'm still looking for a humane rat removal rescue service, any ideas?


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I'm watching TV, in quick succession there were two people I've met, Seal and Nikka Costa. I knew Nikka Costa when she was little, her brother was my ex's best friend. We used to go over there and visit. Little Nikka knew she wanted to be a major music star when she was very small. I even had her first CD that was a hit in Europe, she was so cute and totally self posessed, a swingy little blonde girly. Seal I met when he came to see a play I was in. He was so nice and easygoing, I was totally comfortable around him, maybe too much so.

This is the Nikka I knew

I am feeling so old : (

This is the Nikka you know

And she has a cool flash intro to her website.