November 3rd, 2001


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I am actually watching The Diary of Brittney Spears on MTV right now. Well actually I'm working on a new listing for eBay and I'm watching The Diary of Brittney Spears. Fame interests me. I'm kind of ambivalent about Brittney Spears. I loved her MTV sparkly nude outfit last year though, and I admire her hard work. Kitty Kitty, Kitty Kitty.

My little guy, Beau, adores her. His room is plastered with her pictures. He told me yesterday though, that he doesn't like her because of how she looks, he likes her for her music. I love my son. Oh and he was jealous this week because his girlfriend Juliette told him some guy in a book was cute. Thank you God for my Beau.

Scott was wonderful last night. He came over late and stayed for ages so I got lots of Scott, which I need for my sanity and happiness : )

Now I'm watching On Becoming, this is the sweetest show. It just makes me happy for the people who get to be on it, you know? Watching their dreams come true is just the greatest thing. This little gal who is being Brittney Spears is such a sweetheart, I just want to hug her! She's so cute, I would hire her if I were a casting person. I hope this fluffs up some good publicity for her, if she wants it.

Okay back to hunt for info about my Swatch.

What's up with you guyz?

Love ya,

Oooh time for a change in postcard seasons.

PS: OMG I just went to eBay to look for a postcard for you but then I decided to check my listings and people are bidding. Thank you God, we neeeeed the money so badly, woohoo!!!!! This compact/evening clutch purse is my latest listing, just put it up last night, weeeeee.


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I don't know if any of you are looking for these kinds of images but here are some patriotic, flaggy images for ya. I think they're pretty. Snag em while you can : )

I've got to find something else to watch, MTV is all about Brittney Spears today. I'm starting to feel sorry for all of these fans, it's kind of depressing in a way. How does she wear those eyelashes all the time? I tried to wear some at Burning Man, they looked great but they got twisted and were tugging on my eyelids. I forgot to bring remover with me and actually had to cut part of my lashes off, it was so painful. Then it was pretty funny.

OKay this is getting sickening, I'm going to have to stop writing before I bore you to death with more Brittney stuff. I'm sure Btripp loves this though, not, ha ha ha.