November 10th, 2001


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Thinking About Shallow Hal

I was trying to decide whether or not I'm going to go see Shallow Hal or not today. It has so much going for it, The Farrelly Brothers, Jack Black, Gwyneth Paltrow, but I don't think I can withstand a two hour movie filled with cruel and ignorant fat jokes. Yeah yeah yeah Gwyneth walked around the lobby of her hotel one day while still wearing her fat suit, and horrors, people wouldn't look at her, and she felt so terrible about it. They say she's found empathy for the fat, unhunh, I'll believe it when she takes her body double to the Paris Collections and sits front row with her, when shots appear of the two of them hitting all the right parties. I'll believe it when she puts on a few pound and stops being the role model for thousands of women who are starving themselves, or vomiting and purging with laxatives so they can look like her. I guess you can tell this is a sensitive subject for me.

Anyway I was looking up the times and thought I'd browse the message boards, see what people were saying about it. Big mistake, as always. Here's the first post I read and my friendly response.

Subject: why do people stay fat?
Date: 11/10/01 1:11 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: RazorBladeKises

i just wish everyone could look like gwenyth paltrow. i bet if all the fat girls of the world took it upon themselves to lose a little weight (possibly with some psychological help), then everyone would be hot. all that stuff about being happy's bull. if you're happy fat, then you'd be happier skinny and hot, or maybe even plump with defined features, correct?
hell, if gwenyth can look BAD in a fat suit, then maybe girls who ARE fat have the potential to look good. it's just despair that makes people say, "you're fine how you are." honest, guys. i am not shallow, i am just speaking some objective truth, without regard to hurting feelings. why should we LIE in order not to hurt feelings?

Well, well, well, you wish everyone could look like "gweneth" Paltrow. How nice for you, that you can be so "objectively honest" with all of us "fat girls." Thank you so much, you horrible, shallow, ignorant bastard. No wonder you can relate to a movie titled "Shallow Hal."

God how I wish everyone with weight prejudice could spend one year trapped in an overweight body, dealing with the ignorance, cruelty, and the massive prejudice of this society, while trying to fight a sluggish metabolism, insulin resistance, and their genetic propensity to be fat.

Gosh maybe you could show us all how it's done. Eat less fatty foods, increase the veggies and fiber, drink plenty of water, no food after six, exercise at least five days a week. Sounds simple enough, but wait, if it's that easy then I wonder why 99% of overweight people who take the weight off put it back on? I wonder why the American diet business is a booming Billion dollar industry?

Oh well I'm sure you know what you're talking about. I'll get to work on losing a "little" weight right now so I can be "hot" for you. Wait a second, you're a guy whose screen name is RazorBladeKises (sic) who puts down fat "girls" and can't spell. I don't want to look hot for you, or anyone like you. In fact I wouldn't date you for love or money, fame or immortality, abolition of the death penalty, a cure for cancer and AIDS, total nuclear disarmament, or world peace, but I'm sure you've heard all that before. Put simply, you're a jerk, and no amount of simple physical beauty is going to compensate for your dark and festering inner self.

Empathy, you should get some, it might make you more attractive to the rest of us.
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Will someone please pass me a shotgun?

Subject: Re: why do people stay fat?
Date: 11/10/01 1:19 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: RazorBladeKises
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I definately agree, I bet the person who got offended is probably a fat person too!...fat people , especially chicks are so annoying,..HEY YOU FAT CHICK ! ever think that maybe some people are lucky enough to be born thin and beautiful,..naturally...and men like cause they have this "efficient" thing about them that fat chicks don't have, being able to not look doofy even when they trip or fall,..and being able to
fit in seats correctly?
I was right fat people are stupid,..and people like her/him whatever,..just proves me right

Subject: Re: Nor funny!!!
Date: 11/10/01 1:04 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: RazorBladeKises
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It's freakin funny...eating disorder??? I'd say their eater works just fine.
Anyway, fat people are funny to look at because < in most cases (not all),
the people can do something about it. How about trying to NOT go back for
seconds. How about not putting so much gravy on the potatoes. Do you really
need that Double Big Mac value meal??? Try something like a salad or chicken
or something. And just a tip...If you
eat a ton of're gonna weigh a ton!!!!

Subject: fat girls are funny to watch
Date: 11/3/01 3:47 PM Pacific Standard Time
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After seeing this movie I realized how much fun it is to watch obese woman go about there daily life. I can go to the mall with my girlfriend and we see who can find the biggest mammoth of a woman.... Betting usually goes along good with heifer hunting!! try it.. its TONS of fun!!! Im sure some fat girls will become mad hearing about the new "sport" but that's OK , besides some weird guys like BIG woman... They can cook
good.. I have to give them that!!!! farewell and happy hunting...