November 16th, 2001


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A Visit to the Gynecologist, My Leaky Bladder, Brooke Shields and Mariska Harguitay.

What a day, woooh. Hey gang what cha doin? I'm watching 24, but I've never seen it before and don't know what's going on. Awesome acting though. I just took some more pictures of eBay stuff, rhinestone jewelry mostly. I'm having fun doing this, it gives me a little thrill to be making my own money. I have income from property, but it's been years since I worked, and it feels so good to know that this is my money, I earned it, no matter how small, and it has nothing to do with my Mother or trusts or anything connected to any of that.

I'm eating hummus and pitta bread. Scott got me hooked on this. We just got back from trying to buy tickets to see Harry Potter tonight, I knew it wouldn't work, but the kids wanted to try anyway. we bought tickets for tomorrow.

My bladder is freaking out, this may be too much information for you, but it's awful to pee every time you laugh, cough, or sneeze, so uncomfortable and embarrassing. I feel like I should go buy Depends or something, waaaaaa. I'm waiting for Nebris to come swooping in here with advice re. Kiegel exercises, but let me just stop you there and say that isn't the problem. My pubococygeal muscle isn't the problem, my bladder is, sigh.

I went to the gynecologist today, that's always a party and a half. I just love tossing my legs up in the air and having relative strangers root around inside me, yahoo. I'm going to try a new Birth Control pill (Yasmin) because the last one wiped out my sex drive, not good.

I saw Brooke Shields today. She was standing right next to me at my PO Box store and I didn't recognize her. We were the only two customers in the store. She just seemed like a really pretty, thin, friendly, nice, brunette woman. After she left, my friends at the store told me who she was. I wish I'd recognized her because I would have said hello. I know her husband and dog, Darla, from the dog park. They were considering adopting Puppy, but Brooke was in New York, and her husband Chris wanted her to meet Puppy first, before making any decisions.

I love this cute wild little doggy but she's too much for us to handle, so much energy, she needs someone who has less pets than we do and who can handle her. As I was driving away from our little shopping center I saw Brooke again, she was driving a black Jeep with one of those flags that we all have, attached to the window. She is so much thinner in person than she looks in photographs and prettier that's possible, her hair is really gorgeous, dark brown, and long, to her waist. She was just so nice, totally unpretentious, smiling, nice to the guys in the store. I love it when successful, famous people are nice, real, genuine.

And just so I can feel even more jealous and confused about my place in this crazy business, I'm going to watch my old friend Maria (Mariska) Harguitay, on Law and Order SVU. Oh Lord, big sigh.