December 17th, 2001


(no subject)

Ooooooooh look at the spooky Masonic book I just bought on ebay. I'm fascinated by secret brotherhoods, wooooooo ooooooooooo.

Noemi and Esther and I are going to make Christmas ornament wreaths tomorrow. I have all of the vintage balls, I just have to go to Michaels today and get the wreath forms. I love craft projects. This image is a lame example but it's the only one I could find on eBay to show you. I'll take pictures when we're done. It should be fun, all you need are the vintage ornaments, the green foam wreath base, a hot glue gun, and presto, groovy vintage ornament wreath.

Tonight we're going start reading Christopher Columbus; In Their Own Words, which is Beau's assigned vacation homework. Ack gotta check on the kids, I think they're playing games with the kittens and they can be too rough, not good. I can hear a Furby too, they must be playing hid and seek with him. Be right back.