December 21st, 2001


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(Okay, okay it's not a Golden Retriever, but it's a great old doggy photo.)

Happy Yellow Dog

Hello My little Live Journal Darlings,

How've you been? I've missed you. Been busy fending off this pain.

Yesterday I reunited a person with her big gorgeous sweetheart dog. I was coming home from the dentist and decided to go to the dog park to see if there were any Great Danes there who I could hug, and yeay, there were two. Ginger and I forget her sister's name. Big huge dog love and they let me hug them. Heaven.

After the park I decided the numbness had worn off enough that I might be able to have some breakfast, so I was heading for our local coffee and croissant place when I spotted this beautiful golden retriever staring out at me from behind the big glass door of this brand new store. This dog was so smiley and happy I just felt compelled to visit so I walked in to the store and the owner/salesgal said, "Do you know this dog?" It turned out that she had just come bounding in through the door about five minutes before and the woman as at a loss, she was on the phone looking for people who would watch the dog for her until she could find it's owner.

The dog had mud on it's paws and I just had this hunch that maybe she could have run all the way here from the dog park. I told the gal I would drive to the dog park and see if anyone was missing a dog. It seemed like a long shot because the dog park is several big busy streets away, but it was worth trying. So I drove over there and stopped every car leaving the driveway to ask if they knew anything about a missing dog. A man in a grey jaguar said, "Yeah I know all about it." So I said,"No, I'm not looking for the dog, I found her." He led me back to this group of women who were really upset, one of them was crying and the others were trying to calm her down. when I told them I found her dog, it just made me soooo happy. She was so excited it was just the greatest moment.

I let her follow me in her car and took her back to the store and then I watched her get her dog. It was the sweetest thing. Her dog was so happy to see her, all smiles and wagging tail. Happiness.

Okay back to this commercial holiday Martha Stewart/Rachel Ashwell/Mary Englebreit, holiday, Christmas, fantasy grind, that I always buy into. Argh. Ho ho ho?

(And if you're going to have a dog you've gotta have a cat.)

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Soap Operas

I'm trying to sort things out in my office and get ready for Christmas. I had the TV on in the background listening to the view but then it turned into a soap opera. I rarely watch them, there was just this scene with Susan Lucci in it and she was soooooooooooo bad. You know I used to root for her winning a Day Time Emmy because I felt sorry for her for having been nominated so many times without ever winning but Lord, no wonder. I know soap opera work has got to be hell, so much to memorize, the silly plot lines, boredom playing the same character forever, but sheesh, that was the fakest, lamest crying I've ever seen.

Oh, and yesterday, while I was finishing up the last of the Christmas tree decorating, I had the TV on. Since it was pre Oprah I had tuned it to ABC (7) and General Hospital was on. My friend Wally is on the show so every once in a while I'll watch about three minutes of it just to see how he's doing but not enough to know what's happened with the plot in the years since I used to watch it, (back in the early, early, Luke Scotty and Laura days), and it blew me away that the scene that came on was Luke asking Laura to marry him and her asking him for time to think about it. I swear the more things change the more they stay the same. I still like Luke though, although how did they ever gt around that whole rape thing? This is a twenty five year old question, for the older soap watchers around here.