January 22nd, 2002


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Missed Two Days of Birth Control Pills, Sex, and Dr. Phil

Oh nooooooooooooo, Jacqui made a big mistake and forgot to start up her birth control pills again last Sunday. Boo. That means I missed two days and there is a small likelihood that I could get pregnant if I have sex, and I realllllly want to have sex. I want to have sex so badly that I woke up having an orgasm. But that's another story.

I just hate taking those fake sugar pills for the week that I don't have to take anything. I think, Oh no, not me, I don't need to take those fake pills that all the other women on the planet take. I'm sooo special I'll just remember when I'm supposed to start up again, argh, me, so frustrating. It's so silly too because my distorted reasoning is, I hate having to take something unhealthy, (sugar) when I'm not even getting any kind of illicit pleasure out of it. Come on me, I eat so much more bad-for-me crap in one hour, than there could possibly be in an entire week of those little inert pills.

Dr. Phil day on Oprah. "A race horse has gotta run." "Self matters." "You cannot give away what you do not have." Okay, I'll get the book, but man, you'd better be on the level Mr. Phil, or someone is going to find a gang of very angry, torch bearing, female villagers in his front yard someday.

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Grannies dress for sale.

I got so screwed by this woman. I wanted this dress so badly on ebay, and would have paid a lot for it, but somehow this woman wound up with it. I don't remember the specifics but I had spoken with the auction seller and she was going to sell it to me direct, something went wrong and this woman wound up with it. I begged her for the dress, I told her it was for the designer's family, that all we were going to do was photograph it, put it in a show and then donate it to a museum. I offered her triple what she paid for it, a pretty speedy profit, but she said no. She told me she was going to wear it to her wedding and just couldn't part with it. She was so mean and selfish about the whole thing.

Now today, someone has kindly written to me to tell me that they saw this dress for sale on a website. The woman wants over a thousand dollars for it! I can't possibly afford that. What's worse she makes mention of me as if I was helpful to her in supplying her with information about my grandmother. I'm so pissed, what a monster. I just don't understand how some people can be so greedy and cruel.

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Here's my correspondence with the dress monster. Don't mail anything mean to her though because I'm still hoping I can work something out with her. I love you for considering it though.

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Hi, Remember me, I begged you to let me buy my Grandmother's dress from you when you bought it on eBay. If you remember the seller and I had worked out an arrangement and before she could take it off the auction you bid on it and then I think the site went down preventing me from being able to bid against you. A kind friend just sent me a link to the dress on your site. I thought you were going to wear it to your wedding. You had promised to let me know if you ever decided to sell it.

The price you're asking is way out of my league. Is there any chance you would consider selling it for less, say, triple what you paid for it? Wouldn't that be enough profit? I'm trying so hard to put together a show of her clothes, I won't make any money at all on this, I'll never be able to wear it, I'm just going to show it and then donate it. It's really just to honor her memory and for my Mom who is in her eighties. Can't we work something out? Please let me know.


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Hi, yes of course I remember you. I was planning on wearing the dress for my upcoming weddingits a little too small though, thats why I put it on the siteif I can ever loose this last 10 pounds I may still wear it. Im terribly sorry Jacqui but I cant sell it for what your asking, even though I understand that your offer is generous on your part. I do empathize with your situation but in my heart of hearts I dont want to part with the dress at allit was simply too lovely to not put on the siteI humbly apologize for any heartache my having the dress and refusing to sell it to you may causeif I come across another one youll be the first to know. Its just such a masterpiecewell I wont extol its virtuesIm sure you already know them and I dont want to make the situation even more painful for you.

My sincerest apologies.

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Oh wow, look what happened to cheer me up. Sheli, the goddess, just sent me a link to another one of my grannie's dresses that's for sale on the net. God what a sweetiepie. (Come to think of it, so is Jolene
for sending me the link to the one that the mean gal won't sell me. Thank you both so much.) I hadn't spotted it and it's gorgeous, I don't have anything like it at all. All of the dresses I've found are lacey and sophisticated, this is so gardeny, and pretty floral. I love it. I wrote to the gal whose site it is, wish me luck.

Now I just ahve to try to figure out whether I just want to let go of the other dress or beg her to just knowck it down a bit and spread the payments out over three months or something. she probably wouldn't even go for that. What I'd really like to do is write back, tell her to f%$* off, and to take my name, and the info she got from me, off of her site, but that just wouldn't be the loving karmic things to do now would it?

Here's the beautiful dress that Shelli found for me. I'm so happy and grateful.