January 25th, 2002


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I'm having Greek olives, hummus, a French baguette, and cheese for dinner. Water too. Yum.

I took Beau to the doctor because his ear was really hurting last night. He was crying. Turns out his second molars are coming through and referring pain to his ear, poor guy. Afterwards we went to a doctor's apt. for me and then Beau went to the dentist for an exam and a cleaning.

After I dropped Beau off at home I went to Ralph's in Westwood and bought a few things. The whole time I was shopping I kept scanning everyone near me to see if they looked like bad guys and I hung on to my purse like a fierce, well, a fierce something or rather. I don't have a lot of money right now. Losing two hundred dollars, and all of my credit cards, to the wallet thieves at the market, set me back a bit. Plus things are always a bit lean towards the end of the month.

We were going to go to the Getty tonight to see the amazing gadgets exhibit. They're open 'till nine on Fridays but neither Beau nor I felt well enough, boo.

I'm watching a rhino poop on TV. Rhino's communicate with each other through their poop heaps? What? "The intensity of the odor seems to impel the rhinos to defecate. In time the latrines become high mounds." Okay I'm sorry this is really putting me off my dinner, gonna change the channel for a moment.

Should I watch The Chamber or America's Funniest Home Videos? I think it'll be the Chamber with flipping back and forth to the funny videos.

Do any of you guys live close enough to LA to come to my birthday party, if I have one, in March?

Oh too funny, I just spell checked this using Live Journal's little program, and it didn't know hummus, but it did know hummers, it didn't know gonna, but it knew gonads. Whose been programming this thing?

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Oh wow! How do you think this seller keeps coming up with all of these gorgeous Alfred Cheney Johnston pics? He's making a mint on them on eBay.