February 4th, 2002


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Live Journal Lucky Elephant Image Hunt

Once upon a time I was interviewing housekeepers for a position in our crazy household. One of these ladies, upon spying a sterling silver elephant, among my myriad possessions, informed me that it was lucky to steal three of them. She said, and I quote, "Aaaayyy usted tiene una elephante! Que bueno. Nosotros pensamos si uno puede robar tres elephantes de tres varios lugares, y juntarle ellos en su casa, usted puede tener buena suerte por el resto de su vida." Which means, "Oooooh you have three elephants. How good. We think that if you can steal three elephants from three different places, and then group them together in your house, you will have good luck for the rest of your life." When I asked her where she gets the elephants she said, "Oh you can just steal them from whatever senora you work for." What do you think I did about that? I hired her. *Jacqui smacks her head.*

Okay so here's the deal, I've been feeling pretty unlucky lately so I'm starting a Live Journal Lucky Elephant Image Hunt, it takes three stolen Live Journal elephant images to bring you good luck, but they can't all be from the same source. You need to find three elephants from other people's journals and put them all up on your journal with a link to the journal where you found them. At the same time you have to find at least three elephant images of your own, (you can snag them from eBay pretty easily), and put them on your journal. Do all this and you will have good luck for the rest of your life. You will also get the blessings of God, Goddess, Goodness, Mother Nature, the Almighty, Art Bell, Angel Beings, Happy Beings of Light, dragonflies, cats, or whatever love beings you believe in, oh and you'll also lose weight.
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Woohoo that makes three, that was fast. Thanks you guys. I hope other people opt in on this as well.

This one came from wonderful Katt.

This one came from lovely Charity.

And this one came from my beloved BilliJean

I'd better go round up some more elephants for you guys.

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Okay here are my elephant hunt additions for you. Pick your favorite and join the lucky elephant hunt. For instructions go back a few entries in my journal.

I did this when I was a kid, i always felt sorry for the elephant and tried to pet it and talk to it.

This one kind of reminds me of the elephant in Moulin Rouge, but it's in New Jersey. I get bonus points for finding this.