February 26th, 2002


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There's a cute Hello Kitty puzzle at Sanrio.com. It's one of those slide puzzles. If you to games you can find it there. Beau and I have been trying to figure it out for a super long time now. Guess who won't be going to school tomorrow?

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Oh My God this is so funny. Thanks so much Froggy for telling me about it. I love stuff like this, turning the tables on the scammers. There's a CD that Beau and I were listening to for a while where this guy taped conversations with telemarketers, where he really played with them, and it was so much fun.

From: "John Smith" <buddyweiserman@hotmail.com>
To: princejubril@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 17:56:22 GMT

Your Excellency:

Thank you for agreeing to send me the photo of the Gold! I am so excited
about this that I cant hardly sleep at night! Once I show my wife that the
Gold is for real, I know she will also be so happy too! I think the first
thing I'm going to do with the Gold is go and buy a new car, i was thinking
maybe the new Lincoln Town Car because they are so classy. Right now, the
wife and I drive Subarus and mine is getting old like the transmission just
went out last month, so I think a new car is just what the doctor ordered,
as we say here in the USA. I bet my friends at the bowling league willbe
so surprised when I pull up in a few weeks in a brand new Town Car. Don't
you think that's a classy car? By the way, what is the weather like in
your country? should I pack for rain or hot? I read in school that Africa
is hot, so maybe I should bring only shorts, but I also heard that it rains
alot. Do you have beaches in your home country, because I love to go to
the beach. And what's the
food taste like? I love fishes and shrimps, but they're so expensive in
the USA that I don't hardly ever eat them except for cod which is cheap,
and maybe also on special occasions at Red Lobster. I love to travel and
eat new foods, like in France did you know they eat snails? Its called
ascargo and they say its a delicatesy, but the wife and I didn't much care
for it. If in your country they only have funny foods like in France,
maybe I'll have to bring food along. Can you drink the water in your
country or does it make you get sick? Also, do they have mcDonalds over
there? So many question so many questions! I know, I'm just so excited I
think about this all the time, and I can't wait to meet you. I hope you
don't think I'm being impertinent, but I'd love to hear all about your
country and also your family. Ihope yuor sister is doing better.