April 16th, 2002


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My sweet, wonderful man is the best lover in all the world. The hardest thing for me though, is to open up and feel, and then not be able to touch him, kiss him, or be near him for a while. Beau and I are going to go to Ventura tomorrow, I've been craving the sea and the beach so this is a kind of quick emergency sea trip. When we get back we have to go to our house in Palm Springs because an old friend of the family is having a house warming luau. Is that how you spell luau? It looks weird.

I want to share pictures of the funny things I bought at the Rose Bowl swap meet on Sunday, but I think it would take forever to do and I'm so tired. Hmmm, maybe I will...

Oh and Scott helped me get over my insecurity thang by putting up a really beautiful post on his journal for me, well the picture of me isn't the thing I was referring to as beautiful, the kind words were.

I went to the dog park today and Puppy and another dog got in a little tiff thing. I'm still a little afraid of her because of her being mostly pit. She's had a couple of very minor tiffs with other dogs, no one gets hurt, but they make a lot of noise and Puppy kind of yell cries. It scares me, but I love her, and I don't know how I'm going to find a good home for her. Oh and the woman whose dog she got in a fight with is the woman who hates me because Beau threw a stick over the baseball fence one day and it hit her in the head. Long story, but basically she's a high strung monster and the last person whose dog I would want Puppy to get into anything with, yikes. Everyone was okay though, it just sounded awful.

Tonight Scotti came over and I gave him a massage and we took a shower together and tried out some of the lovely Lush.com bath products I had bought, fun, fun, fun and loving. Then we worked on his CD design and ordered a pizza. I'm sad because I wasn't able to design his CD for him with the programs I have. Scott was tired and didn't have the patience to keep fiddling around with stuff and decided it would be better to hire a graphic designer, he's right, I just wanted to do it for him, but I would rather he have whatever is better for him and for his CD. I have great taste and ideas but I don't have the skill. I think I'll take an online class through SMC so this kind of thing won't happen again.

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Oh God I don't know if this is going to work. I was trying to upload all of these pictures I took of the stuff I bought at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet, but everything came out too huge, file wise. I set it for 4x6 but after I uploaded everything I realized they were all huge, more like 8x10's, so I went back, selected 2x3, added text and made this one. This isn't two by three, gaaaaaaa. What am I doing wrong? Oh well, here it is anyway, I might as well put something up after all of this work. Sorry it's so big.Collapse )

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Another one of my Grannie's dresses is up for sale, I'm trying to buy it, but another bidder keeps forcing the price up, and the seller, who I suspect might actually be the other bidder, knowing that I will buy pretty much any Peggy Hunt or Jeannette Alexander dress that she lists, has set a high reserve. This dealer sells things all the time on eBay, she has a huge vintage clothing store in Fresno. I've bought about nine or ten dresses from her so far, so you'd think she'd be nicer to me, considering I'm a repeat customer. I've asked her to please let me know when she finds another Peggy dress and I'll buy it from her direct. She always says she'll let me know, and then without letting me know, I'll stumble across one of them on eBay.
Argh, people piss me off sometimes.

On the other hand this incredibly sweet couple, who I hope is gay, because I just wish I had more gay friends, just sent me the most beautiful rhinestone encrusted top half to one of my Grandmother's dresses for free. Those are the kind of people I try to be like. Less greedy, more loving, and so selfless and kind. Totally unlike the monstrous woman who is listing one of my Grandmother's dresses on her website for twelve hundred dollars, and refused to discount it by even one cent, or allow me to make payments over time. It's still up there for sale, no one has bought it, and had she allowed me to pay, say three hundred a month or so, it would have been mine by now.

I don't really want to buy it from her anyway because of how greedy, insensitive, and unkind she's been about the whole thing. For those of you who haven't been bored to tears by the whole story already, this was another bidder on eBay, who happened to bid on a pretty gown of Grannie's, from a dealer who had already agreed to take it off auction and sell it to me direct. Before she could take it down though, this other woman bid on it, and the auction ended. Both the dealer and I tried to explain to her what had happened, and I offered to pay her double what she would have paid for it, just for her to walk away and let me have the dress. I wrote a long letter telling her all about my Grandmother and Mother's role in the fashion business, explaining why it would mean so much to me to have this dress, and she just basically said, "So what, I don't care, I won it, it's mine." The dealer was too afraid to stand up to her because she didn't want to get negative feedback. I wrote a couple of times begging her to sell it me, but she said it was so pretty she was thinking of wearing it to her wedding and didn't think she could bear to part with it. I asked her to let me know if she ever changed her mind and gave her my numbers and address.

Months later the dress turns up on her vintage clothing website, for four or five times what she originally paid for it, and what's worse, she plagiarized the information I sent in my letter to her, describing the history of my Grandmother's role in the fashion business, and put it up on her website to help her sell the dress at this unbelievably inflated price, then thanked me for my help as if we were old friends.</b> See what I mean about people pissing me off.

I know it's all unimportant mundane stuff. What matters most is that I know and love them, but I just really want to do something special for my Mother and Grandmother, to honor them and to help people recognize the role they played in California Fashion. I think a book or a show would be a great way to do that. My Granny started the fashion business here, and I don't mean started her fashion business here, I mean started THE fashion business here, and all but a handful of elderly people have forgotten about her. No one else was designing clothes in California at the time, although there was one man making shirts. Peggy was a really amazing woman, traveling all by herself back and forth from New York to LA by train in the 1930s, in order to buy findings and fabric, and to sell her line. My Grandfather stayed at home with my Mom who was a little girl at the time, and this was pretty much unheard of for a man and woman to do. One time he cut my Mother's hair and dressed her up as a boy, to come and greet Peggy at the train, and my Grandmother freaked out, but that's another story for another time.

We're leaving soon for Ventura but I'll be taking my laptop so I'll be able to keep in touch.