May 14th, 2002


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A New Dog For Freddy, My Career and Aging, and Animal Collecting

Oh Man, I just bit my tongue so badly it's bleeding. Ouch!

We got Freddy a baby Chihuahua. I went to the Bundy shelter and it was closed. Then we went to the Santa Monica shelter and all they had were big dogs and one baby pit pull who was sooo cute, but Freddy can't have a big dog, so I went to the pet store and bought him an expensive Chihuahua. Oh God, money fear, but I'm happy for Freddy and Saida.

Freddy lives in a rented house and the landlord only agreed to a super small dog because they begged, but he doesn't want anything big and is really prejudiced against poor pit bulls. Which reminds me that there was a sad segment on Animal Precinct on Animal Planet last night, where they busted this guy who had a pit fighting ring in his basement. Bastard. And they were going to kill all the dogs like they were doing them a favor. Some of them might have been all right. God I don't know, I just think these city sponsored organizations are way too euthanasia happy.

There was also a storyline involving a "collector," and it was pretty disconcerting to watch. She only had seven cats, a collector, please. I started thinking about how nuts I am, and whether or not I'm going to wind up like one of those people whose homes are filled with piles of old saved newspapers, and things they've dragged in from the alleys. I had an in-law like that. It was really bad. She would get three and four of everything and just stack them up where they should go. Sofas here, tables and lamps there. I've written about her here before. She used to put out food for her cockroaches. You know as nuts as that sounds, the cockroach part, not the sofa part, I can relate. I don't want them snacking in my kitchen, but I don't want to kill them, they have pretty antennae, and I'm sure they have cockroachy feelings and a right to live. See, I'm going to be just like her, waaaaaaa. Stop me when the stuff piles to the ceiling, so far it's only clogging all the bookcases, the wall space, the closets, and the garage, where the rats are feasting on everything, oh and my little bathroom. Don't even ask me about Beau's room, it's insane. I won't even go in there.

I was just watching <ahref="">Lynette Jennings Home Design</a> and even though I like it, it's just too mellow. Something about her slow style and the music puts me to sleep. Poppies. I'm noticing that the women who come on these home decorating shows and give tips on stenciling, or rose arranging or whatever all seem to be in their forties, and kind of dowdy looking. Yeay. That means there's still a kind of bottom-line of career hope for me, if I don't work up the courage to get back out there and fight with everyone else for the few roles I can go out for. I'm not as depressed and defeated as I sound. This actually cheered me up. I'm so obsessed with my aging as an actor that it brightened things up for me to see these, imperfect by Hollywood standard, women having fun and working on TV. You know what might be helpful, to put together a list of large sized working actors, (I kind of have one in my head), and actors over forty, and tape it to the side of my computer, to keep up my spirits. Turning forty was tough for me. I haven't talked about it too much because I don't want to write it on my journal.

Ooh they're showing how to water proof the inside of a big gorgeous pot, so you can turn it into a fountain, with pretty water growing plants. Aha that's what went wrong with my antique pot from Gujirat, India. It wouldn't hold the water and kept draining out and killing the water pump, so we gave up on it.

Oh what fun it is trying to round up eighteen thousand and some odd dollars to pay for Beau's first year of middle school tuition. We have to sell stock. I don't know what we'll do for high school because by then we will have used up all the money in his little trust fund. This is scary.

Okay gotta eat my many pills and plan my fabulous day, yop.

PS: I'm trying to figure out whether PTsnoop, which comes up when I hit control, alt, and delete, is a program for a modem, or whether it's some kind of backdoor thing. I've been all over the net and it's hard to find a consensus of opinion. Some people are convinced that it's somehow connected to WinTel drivers and other people swear it's some sort of little backdoor sneak.

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I just went outside and it's looking like it'll be sex tonight. Please check out Scott's new page at CDBaby and listen to his music. Cathy is such a sexy song and 151 is a lot fun. I think he's amazing and I love his music!

Please do me a huge favor and go listen to his sample cuts, and give him a good review. There's a link at the bottom of the page. Of course if you'd like to buy his CD, (I think it's only nine bucks) that'd be pretty wonderful too.

Love you guys,