May 24th, 2002


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Hello My Little Live Journal Darlings,

We're going to our house in Palm Springs for the weekend but I couldn't leave without first posting some of the pictures I've been promising. We're trying to beat the traffic but at this hour on a three day weekend Friday, I'm sure we're in for a long boring drive, bleh.

Here is a picture of one of our baby bunnies. I took it last night but it was just before dark so the contrast is off. I tried to brighten up but you'll get an idea. Isn't she cute? She needs a home.

Here is the Chihuahua puppy I got for Freddy. He named him Chispa which means spark in Spanish.

Last but not least, here finally, is my picture of my pal Spidey. He was actually a teenie bit bigger than this but I couldn't figure out how to do it. If you want to go see the original unedited photo, (I don't know, maybe you're a spider nut like me,) just hop on over to my index at and snag it from there.

Talk to you soon.

Big loving hugs from your pal,

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Here is my beautiful gift from Jen, theolive here on Live Journal. I couldn't possible capture it on my digital camera as lovely as it is. I just wanted you to see it. I'm so blown away, overjoyed and grateful. (BTW Jen if you want a copy of this you can snag the higher resolution one off of my site. It's in the index and I think it's just called beautiful. Click on it and see if it's the raw one then you can snag it and play with the colours till it looks the way you like it to. I tried to bring it closer to the original using my baby Adobe program but I'm sure you can do a better job.)

Okay that's it, we're off for the desert. Talk to you soon.