June 5th, 2002


Block Captain's Letter

Hello my little Live Journal darlings. I'm sitting here at my computer, with Scott pressed to my ear via the telephone, and Chippy the cat rubbing up against my typing fingers. Now I'm trying to stretch my fingers across the keys because I'm holding the Chip-Monster with my left arm. This is too hard to do. I'm going to just paste in this letter I wrote to my neighbors this morning.

Dear Sweet Wonderful Neighbors,
Just a note to say hello. I hope everyone is happy and well!

I love being your block captain. I've been doing it off and on for years now and get so much out of it. Being able to do just a little bit to help our terrific neighborhood association, and all of you, is so rewarding. Feel free to call or come by if you ever need anything, or just want to chat. The best time to catch us is in the afternoons or late evenings. (We're late night people as I've become addicted to spooky talk radio, and shopping for fun vintage things on eBay, ack.) I would also gladly look after your homes when you go away, just call and let me know, and I'll pick up your mail and papers for you. Also please make sure that I have all of your work and cell phone numbers, it's super helpful when something happens during the day, and I need to reach you.

We're having a lovely spring here at our home. We've been traveling a bit, doing lots of reading, and there are always museums to visit, movies and plays to see, and gardening to do. Beau will be entering the sixth grade in the fall. We just experienced the nightmare of applying to private schools in Los Angeles, and thankfully wound up getting him in to just the right place for us. He'll be going to New Roads in Santa Monica. It's a baby school, only a few years old, started by the man who started Crossroads. It's liberal, loving, creative, culturally diverse, and has a terrific curriculum. Doesn't that sound like us?

We're keeping up with our animal rescue work. We're always looking for good homes for cats and dogs and even pet rats. We're overrun with bunnies, it turns out that our two girls weren't two girls after all. If you know anyone who would make a good home for beautiful, white, baby bunnies, with black ears and Cleopatra eyes, please let us know. We're also looking for a new housekeeper/assistant, but since I just placed an ad in La Opinion, I think we'll probably be swamped with calls.

Well, I guess that's about it. I just couldn't drop off another bunch of notices from BGA without at least saying hello and reminding you that I'm here and I care about all of you!!!! I love this little block and all of the people and pets that live on it.

By the way, do we have the best mail carrier and friend (Aleida) in all the world or what? I'd love to do something nice for her, like give her a block thank you card or something, anyone have any ideas?

Big friendly hugs from your neighbor and pal,

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I want to tell you how cute Sparkle was last night but I am too tired. Someone remind me eh?

Things have sure been weird and glitchy since the database change over thang. I'm such a HUGE LJ fan though, you won't catch me complaining, just commenting.

Goodnight my Live Journal Darlings.