June 12th, 2002


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OMG the biggest bitch just called and weeded herself right out for us. Sheesh. People just blow me away sometimes. I asked Esther, my friend and Friday and Saturday assistant/housekeeper to come over and help me with interviewing and calling all of these people for the job. I was so tense and stressed yesterday from days of calling and speaking with people that it occurred to me that Esther could do it just as well as I could, maybe better, Spanish is her native language. So yesterday and today she took over the calls for me and it's worked out so well. It's been a huge relief and we've been getting more done by working together this way. I get the messages off the machine and screen them then she calls the ones who sound decent. Then together we set appointments and interview them.

Last night when I was getting all of the messages off of my machine there was one from a woman who sounded like she was a friend of a friend of mine, a sweetheart who had worked for us for three years. She said that Angelina had told her to call us. Our friend's name however is Adelina, not Angelina. Anyway I added her name to the list and was planning on calling her myself. Then while Esther was returning calls today the phone rang (it's finally tapering off, thank you Lord,) she answered it and it was this woman, Blanca Perez. Esther started talking to her and explaining about the job and trying to set up an interview with her but the woman said she didn't want to speak to her and that she wanted to speak to me directly. I don't know why but I felt a strange vibe before I even took the phone. Since I was making phone calls on the other line I talked a little bit to her and then explained that Esther was my friend and was setting up appointments and that if she would like to come by or had any more questions that she could speak to Esther and I passed the phone to her. I guess this really pissed her off so when she got to Esther she told her this was a crappy job, the hours were way too long for her, and that she was happy to inform us that she had no intention of coming to interview for a job with someone like Esther who was doing something that it was not her place to do and blam slammed down the phone. Esther was laughing but it bugged me. I would have welcomed her with open arms just because Adelina recommended her.

This just serves to remind me that the universe appears or behaves towards people in response to how they behave. It's all in how you frame it. If you approach people with an angry chip on your shoulder, well, then that's the world you are going to get back. We were just floored because here we were trying to be fair and kind to everyone and she just blew up and slammed the phone down. In her view we were unfair and inconsiderate but that's only because that's how she is. She has to exist in that reality which is completely unrelated to the truth. This is all such a terrific learning experience for me.