June 19th, 2002


Bleach In My Eyes!!!

Oh God what a night. I was just sitting here looking at comic art and thinking about sharing this link with Thingie when all of a sudden the door to my office opened and a stream of bleach shot straight in to my eyes. Surprise. Pain. Confusion. Burning. I knew immediately it was bleach by the smell and the pain so I just flipped in to adult mode, put the fear of blindness and eye damage aside, and ran for the bathroom where I immediately began flushing my eyes with water.

Beau had found a little clear pink squirt bottle, with what looked like water inside it, (I had made up a bleach solution after my kitty died last week, and we had been using it disinfect all the areas where he had been, the only bottle they had at the store was this silly little pink one, so that's my fault, and then Saida had left it out, which is her fault,) and was running around squirting his friend Steven. Thank God nothing happened to him, not only because I wouldn't want to see him go through what I went through, but because his Mom is lawsuit happy and I would have been dealing with lawyers now, instead of trying to write through my blurry eyes to you.

We had ordered pizza and the delivery man had just arrived. Beau came up to my office to get the money and thought it would be funny to squirt me. It was set on stream and he hit me directly in my right eye with a big long squirt, and then the bleach splashed over into my right eye. The pain started pretty suddenly and then it spread. Beau panicked. He started screaming, "Mom, what?!!? What?? What did I do??? It's just water, it's just water!!! I'm so sorry, Mom are you okay, are you okay???" and then he started wailing. While I was running to the bathroom I told him I had bleach in my eyes and to go ahead and pay the pizza man.

I called poison control and they told me to flush my eyes for ten minutes and to lay down with my eyes closed for another ten minutes, and that if after that they still left raw and scratchy, to go to the emergency room. The idea that this pain would be over in ten minutes seemed like a joke but I did it anyway. I ripped my clothes off and got in my tub and used my spray hose to wash my eyes. The water hurt so badly, my eyes just wanted to stay closed, but I forced myself to rinse them. Then I tried to lay down but after ten minutes it was pretty darn clear that the pain wasn't going to ease up that quickly.

I couldn't drive to the ER because I couldn't see to drive, and I didn't want to bother Scott because he has to get up so early, so I called my Mom. She got really upset and told me to call 911, and then we had this big debate about whether this was important enough to bother them with. I mean it's not like I was having a heart attack, but in the end I promised her I would call them. I told the man who answered the phone that I was sorry to bother them but that I was calling under pressure from my Mom. He was really nice and said it was worth sending someone over for.

Our local firehouse is only a few miles from here and they were here within minutes. I kept apologizing because I felt so bad to bother them. They were so nice about it, and I thought about how grateful I am for good people like them. They asked questions and this nice guy with a super cute accent examined my eyes and then made me flush them some more and left me with some solution. They told me to keep an eye on my eyes, so to speak, and to call an ambulance if they began to blister. Lovely.

Luckily I had some antibiotic eye ointment on hand because I have a chronic eye problem with tearing, so I asked if I could use that and they said yes, so after more flushing I covered them with that. I took a Vicodin from my dwindling supply, left over from last years miscarriage, and went to lie down. Beau helped me for the rest of the night because I couldn't really open my eyes to see.

This morning when I woke up, they were stuck shut, but the paramedic/fire guys had warned me about this, so I wasn't worried. I was so happy to be able to see and to not have blisters and that the pain had subsided. Today they just feel like I sunburned or seriously irritated them, and mostly I just want to lay down and rest them, but I had to come in here and write about it. I mean what kind of real life soap opera would this be if I didn't fill my pals in?