June 28th, 2002


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Oh I found this old book that I am loving. I would so love to option it and turn it into a screenplay. I wonder if it's been optioned, research to do. It has all the things that appeal to me, good parents, bad parents, a Catholic childhood, orphans and survival. I'm always a grand thinker but it's in the doing of things where I get bogged down. Remind me that I wrote this eh?

Aren't these gorgeous images?


Shopping, Eating, Eiffel Towers, Art Bell, Phil Hendrie, Naughty Boys, and Hawaii

Today was a shop and play day. With worrying about my friend Twinkle, a possible pregnancy, and my bunny and rat health problems behind me, I felt like taking a break and playing. Right now I'm eating and talking to you. Later on I'll be reading and watching DVD's that are way overdue, and then hopefully I'll get to bed before one, although if Coast to Coast is as good as it was last night, I'm gonna be in trouble because I just can't afford to stay up all night again. The guest that the guest host had on last night, Maurice Cotterell, (I'm giving you a link to his book instead of his website because his site is dead, I'm guessing he wasn't prepared for the amount of traffic Art Bell generates), was sooo good, he was explaining his understanding of ancient Mayan and Egyptian prophecies, and time, calendars, and astrology and how they relate to solar energy and radiation. It really was fascinating and this man explained everything in a way that made sense and was easy to understand, kind of a cross between say a Michio Kaku and a Graham Hancock.

I love using Eat In Delivery to order food. They're so nice and they really make LA To Go, look like the disorganized rude jerks that they are. I'm so stupidly loyal, I'll just stick with whoever I'm used to no matter how bad they are. I keep trying to turn them around with friendliness, even when everyone else is running for the hills. I'm getting better at this though.

It's such a relief to let go of stuff that just doesn't work for me anymore and move on. Everything is a lesson, even something as silly and banal as ordering a meal over the phone. The last service I used, the one I was just talking about, hardly ever remembered me no matter how much money I tossed their way. They were unbelievably expensive and they always took a minimum of two hours. One time it took them three hours to bring food from a restaurant that's only about fifteen minutes from our house. They came strolling in with our dinner at eleven at night, and charged over a hundred dollars for it, no discount, no, " Gosh we're sorry," nothing. It was insane, they took too long, they cost too much and they were mean but I kept calling them because I didn't know there was an alternative. These new guys are cheaper, they go to my favorite restaurants and they get here within a half hour. Oh and they're nice to me too.

The boys are having Pizza from Tony Maroni's and I'm having Mexican from El Chollo, although the one thing they are the most famous for, their green corn tamales, aren't in season. I'm listening to Phil Hendrie on the radio. God he's funny, he always makes me laugh. He's doing an Irish Catholic priest right now and the way he dips his voice is just so damned funny. I'd do it for you but you can't hear me. Nope.

Our Hawaii trip is coming together. It looks like we'll be leaving around July 11 and coming back the first week of August. We're spending the first couple of weeks with Mom and Rosa <-- cough, splutter, choke, spit, at Napili Kai on Maui. Then we're going to stay at The Orchid on Hawaii for another week, and then we'll come back to Maui and hook up with Scott. I don't know yet where we'll be staying for our last week with him. I have to figure that out. I'm really looking forward to it though.

I love Hawaii so much, there is just something magical about it. There's a book I stumbled over on Amazon,written by a man who attributes his miraculous recovery from end stage bone cancer to his having gone to Maui. It makes me wonder if life began there, or if there are more crystal deposits, or if it has something to do with magnetics or volcanos or Menehunes or something extraterrestrial. I've been to other tropical places, remote beautiful places like Tahiti, but there's something energy-wise about Hawaii that I can't quite explain, it's just something I feel. When I'm there I always feel better than I do when I'm here. Maybe it's because I'm breathing clean air and getting exercise, looking at the sea, rainbows, and beautiful sunsets, but then again maybe it's something deeper, something more primal or biological. I don't know, I just feel so at peace there, I can do absolutely nothing and be happy.

Our garden is really pretty right now, so many of the roses are blooming. They're these big multi-petalled flowers, wide open and multi colored and they smell so great. Oh and I found the Eiffel Tower piece that I've been looking for. I had seen it a long time ago and wanted to buy it but never did. Then I saw it on The Osbournes and was multo jealous of Miss Sharon for having snapped it up when I should have. I looked everywhere for one and then it occurred to me that I might have seen it at one of my favorite flower stores, The Woods, but it was so long ago and I hadn't seen it there in over a year. Then last night I peeked in the window and there it was, so I went in today and put it on one of my overloaded charge cards. It's so cute though, I'll take a picture for you. It's silver with little beads and crystals on it. Right now it's sitting on my porch, you know, just in case anyone wants to come by and snag it.

We went to Best Buys today. I love Best Buys, it's a paradise of electronics. Beau and his friend Steven, (there are two Stevens, Scott calls them the good Steven and the bad Steven, and he worries that if they ever come over at the same time it will be like matter and antimatter colliding and the universe will implode, guess which one was over when I got bleach spritzed in my eyes), ran around the store looking for games to beg me to buy. I bought a new I exchanged my old Palm Pilot for a new one, the old one was the Vx and this one is color and it's...let me check...okay it's an M515. I hope I can transfer the data from the old one to this one without too much trouble.

I'm waiting for more Kinder Eggs to come. We all had soooo much fun opening them. I gave them away to all of the kids who came by and it was just such a blast that I want to do it some more. Even serious Mr. Scott assembled a couple with us. Hmmmm speaking of sex, seriousness, and Mr. Scott, where is that man? He was supposed to call me, or was I supposed to call him? I bet he's lounging on his couch with about ten remote controls in his hands right about now, that or sleeping in his "cool room."

I called my Mom to see how she's doing and Rosa's son answered and said, "Oh, emmm, Missy Hyland went to eat lobsters." Poor lobsters.