July 19th, 2002


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Well, all I can say is this was another wonderful day in Maui. Scott called this morning and helped me feel safe and secure again, then I felt guilty for being an overly demanding girlfriend. Beau wanted to stay home while I went shopping. On my way to the car a quick flash of color caught my eye and turned out to be nothing really but it's so great how a bright spot of color will catch your attention and wind up being something so magnificent and natural, a gorgeous hot pink hibiscus flower, a wild green gecko, a flaming scarlet cardinal. It is so beautiful that it's no wonder people seem so happy and call this paradise. I mean I'm sure I'm romanticizing things, but when busboys say, take it easy beautiful, and even the checkers at Safeway call you sistah and honey girl, there's just got to be something good going on.

I bought a Ukulele at a music store today and have been trying to pluck out Beatles and old Hawaiian tunes with it. I'm so bad at it but just the sound of the strings makes me happy. I love da uke and can't wait to hand it over to my main guy to play for me, yeah, hey?

I also picked up a turquoise necklace I bought in Lahaina and went to one of our favorite spots, Dan's Greenhouse, to play with the baby pigs and the parrots. I went to the old Catholic church and took pictures of some angels and then went to the cemetery next door. I had a really great lunch at this groovy health food/vegetarian restaurant/market that I remembered from my Todd and Naomi scuba days, and it felt so good to be somewhere vegetarian where everything was something cruelty free that I could eat in good conscience.

They had a big Hyland's section which is always fun to see and I got some acidophilus to counter the negative affects of the antibiotics I have to take for my mosquito bite infections. I also got a bottle of brewers yeast and some non gelatin capsules so I could make little anti mosquito pills. I read that they don't like the bitterness of it, apparently they're super scent oriented and our bodies give off hundreds of different compounds that they can smell, they're digging me because I'm a high blood sugar kind of gal. I'm hoping the brewer's yeast will make me smell bitter and nasty to the little blood sucking mother-fuckers, sorry, gentle little tropical critters.

After lunch, which was late in the day, I came back here and hit the ocean. I swam way far out. It's a little scary when you go and go and the sandy bottom drops away and all you can see in the distance underwater is blue and more blue. I know I'm getting somewhere when shadows loom up at me and then become more distinct. It was exciting happening upon this reef in the middle of what felt like nowhere. Suddenly I was surrounded by fish, heaven, fish heaven and coral.

Beau had been asking me what the click click snap sounds are that we always hear when we're underwater, and I think they are just the sounds of fish biting and dropping things and moving around down there. tested my fish crackle theory on some humus that were hanging out near me. I would close my eyes, listen for a crunch crack sound and then look and see if there was a humu near me who had just taken a bite of something and every time I was right. They must have sharp teeth for scraping and breaking things off the reef. They bite a hunk off and then spit it out, look at it for a second, and then suck it back in to their mouths and swim off.

I dove down and picked up a couple of pretty, empty, shells but I kept checking them to be sure they were empty. Later when I swam back and was talking to a kid about my shells, and looking at his collection of rocks and things that he had been placing on his boogie board, a guy swam up and told us not to take anything off the island, that it was ooooooh scary kapu (forbidden) to take anything, and that we would be plagued with bad luck until we would be forced to mail it back to the post office, who are inundated with parcels containing bits and pieces of returned Hawaii. I wanted to smack him. Of course I've heard this before but I didn't need reminding.

You know that's all my fertile paranoid imagination needs to hear to be blaming a few seashells for disaster until I force myself to pack them up and send them back. As it is I worry about curses, won't wear opals, can't say Macbeth in the theatre, cross myself when an ambulance passes, throw salt over my left shoulder if I spill any, avoid cracks, and won't walk under ladders, but I don't think black cats are unlucky, in fact I think it's the complete opposite. I've heard that locals made up the whole kapu thing when they began to worry that tourists would strip their beaches like hungry locusts. The only kapu legend I do honor, at least the one I can't shake my fear of, is not taking black sand or lava rock. I figure I might as well stay on the good side of Madame Pele because what the hell.

I love listening to the radio here, it's so local and small towny. They make announcements when someone's dog has wandered off. Today this DJ was doing a thing called, bet cha don't know, and one of the things that stuck with me was when he said that a Bracchiasaurus had a heart the size of a pick up truck. He made it sound like bracchiasaurus was a super loving Hawaiian dinosaur guy. "Dat bracchiasaurus he love evrybody, he got da big heart, yeah?"

Tonight Mom and Rosa wanted to have lobster and I can't handle that, picking out your own animal to kill for dinner pretty much freaks me out. I can't kill the ants in the kitchen sink let alone select my very own lobster to boil to death for my eating pleasure, yuck no! If I could I swear I would strap on guns, raid the restaurant, and liberate the lobsters.

Beau wanted to hang out with some kids at the beach and play video games so that left me on my own. I went to the Lahaina Cannery mall and bought Mom a robe for her birthday to add to her growing treasure pile and got some great books on Hawaiian history. I'm particularly interested in the life of the last princess who would have been queen before we snagged Hawaii and made it ours. She was so beautiful and brave and noble and died so young. I also went to a music store and picked up another Brother Is CD because I love him so much. I first heard about him two years ago before his version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Wonderful World became so popular. I feel sad for him that he was so overweight and died because of complications relating to it. He seemed like such an amazing soul.

I am so tired, I know there is more I want to share with you but my eyes are crossing and I have got to get some sleep. I keep taking pictures but I'm having trouble finding the right driver for this memory stick adapter that would allow me to edit and upload the pics. I found one that looked like it was the right one but it wasn't, blah. Okay, well, my little Live Journal darlings, I hope you are all happy and well and enjoying your Summers. I'm thinking of you from across the sea.

Much love you pal,

PS: I miss my cats. Hello Twinkle, Sparkle, Niki, Jake, Coco, Fufu, Grey-Bee, Little Guy, Ollie, Mo1 and Mo2, Spooky1 and Spooky2, Leelu, Mouse, Swanky, Bluebell, Summer, Kit Kat, Chippy, Bukie, Ping, Curly, Curly Girl, Spot, Mini Chippy, Mini Mini Mini Chippy, Lucilla, Lucia, Leon, Cio Cio, Baby Angel, Lui, Precious Pea, Flower, Ruck, Ruby-Dee, Lucy, Luna, Mina, Harry, Mini Harina, Miss Fuzzums, Scaredy Cat...
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Aloha from Napili Kai Maui,

Just sitting here having brunch, made my veggie burger meal carefully so as not to kill any ants. Beau is just waking up beside me, farting away, lovely accompaniment to a meal.

I went to Mom's to give her a robe I bought for her at Blue Ginger, a store she likes here. They have these sweet tropical batiky prints. She really liked it which was happy making. I also gave her the uke to play and she played Sweet Leilani and I taped her, so sweet. She's going to go shopping with Rosa today while we swim and snorkel, yeay.

Scott just signed on and off, torture, I want my man here damnit. Although we did have a nice hot IM while he was at work today which is extremely rare for my shy work bound Scott monkey.

I woke up with at least two new bites this morning. Nice big quarter sized itchy welts. Lovely, and thank you Mama Mosquito, may you and your family use my blood well. I don't mind sharing, it's the itchy infection they leave behind that bugs me. I would gladly leave them a thimbleful of my blood on the nightstand every night if they would just keep their damned skeeter mouths out of my epidermis.

I would love to go on one of these eco tours to swim with dolphins but I'm pretty sure they aren't too great for the dolphins, so I'm not going to do it unless I'm certain it's not in any way harmful to them. I heard they find the bays where they are sleeping and hanging out, and go in there with their little rubber raft boats. Dolphins pick bays to rest in so they can be safe from sharks, like us if they don't get enough sleep it can be detrimental to their health. Plus I've also heard that they move from bay to bay so it sounds like they're trying to get away. I'm not a perfect eco-nature gal because I love to interact with wildlife, I like to feed the fish and the birds and that isn't too terrific for them because it makes them dependent on us.

Beau's up, good morning and it's straight to the TV. His latest favorite is Way of the Samurai. He keeps asking me to buy him swords that he sees for sale on eBay, uh, no, nope, and nunh unh. Because of this he is calling me and "evil Mother of the Netherworld" I guess I can't blame him I've been calling him an "evil children of the corn," for years. I like to leave it plural, it's funnier that way.

Christopher Walken is in Country Bears? Well, more power to him, Laurence Olivier did his share of crap for the money before he left this pretty blue planet. I know Christopher Walken is funny, all you have to do is watch Saturday Night Live to see that, but I sure would like to see more of him in weird indie dramas and obscure foreign films. I've never developed a taste for Pennies from Heaven although I've tried.

I'm reading To Steal a Kingdom - Probing Hawaiian History by Michael Doherty. It's good, angry and meaningful, without being a polemic.

Oh yeay, David Doubilet has a new book out, one of my favorite photography books of all time is his Water Light Time. This one has photos of the Great Barrier Reef. I hope I get to see it someday. Speaking of reefs I have a date with a wee Hawaiian one, that I need to get my sunscreen covered mosquito bait bod off to.

Okay well I guess I'll go open my e-mail and see how many Klez e-worm attachments I've received for the day.

Love you miss you,
Ho'omanawanui (take it easy)
Wacqui Woo

PS: I told Scott that I like it when he puts on a little weight, because I like it when he has a nui 'okole (big ass) and I told Beau that he is pilau (smelly). He asked me how to say shut up in Hawaiian so I told him to say mahalo (thank you) but he already knows that so I couldn't fool him, pa'akiki pua'a keiki, (stubborn pig child) ha ha ha ha.

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