August 13th, 2002


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Hi Everyone,

I'm still landing. I always forget that it takes a while to feel balanced and normal again, when I come back from a long trip away. I think it was a little over a month. I wonder how people do this when they have several homes and hop all over the place all year. I would so love to buy a little ranch with an old ranch house, like the kind I saw when we drove through Waimea on the Big Island, sigh.

I have fantasies of owning a home there with lots of animals who are rescued and will never have to face human usury or murder. I was telling Esther and Irma today how much I would love to be able to spend a few months there every year and have an open house kind of situation where all of my friends could just fly in and stay as long as they like for free.

Waimea is close enough to the ocean that you could drive there whenever you wanted, yet it's hidden away enough that you can have lots of land, plus it's super green and gorgeous.

I unpacked all of our many suitcases today. I always pack an extra folding case in the bottom of my main suitcase for all of the things we buy to bring home for housekeepers and pals. This time we bought so much stuff that we had to ship things home several times. I bought the coolest swinging hip hula lamp, but I am just remembering that I already told you guys. It's here already, I opened it today, and I can't wait to find a great fabric for it so I can put it on my desk in the office. Poor Eiffel Tower lamp will have to be retired. Hey, that might be good for Beau's room. I'm always buying him lamps but he's such a clutterer that he piles stuff up on his night stand and on his bed and then the lamps get knocked over and break.

My two sickest kitties are all better. I can't believe it. I swear its a miracle because of all of your prayers and good thoughts. I remain grateful and feel so blessed and lucky. It just doesn't make sense, we've never been able to pull people (I call all my animal friends people, why not?) back from the brink like that. I feel so relieved and happy that we don't have this horrible African plague. I'm not too thrilled about this nasty herpetic flu virus thing that we do have but at least I'm beginning to understand it.

Little Princess Lucilla, (Princess was the name she came with, and Esther added the Lucilla), we call her Cilla Cilla, has suddenly come down with the bug. She was sneezing when the limo driver was helping us carry all of the bags in. I looked over and there she was on the table sneezing. The next morning she was fevery. Shit. Now we sort of know how to handle this, but I don't want to pat us all on our collective backs for fear of hubris bringing on some bad luck, I'm suspicious that way. Thank God I never took up baseball, I'd be one of those players who wear the same jock strap for every game, or something like that. We've been giving her subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, vitamins, and cold pills. I have her in my bathroom with a facial steamer going to help her breathe better. Our at home vets came by tonight while I was at Mother's house, and tomorrow I'll find out what's going on.

My beloved Scott's</a> Dad is really sick. Scott had to leave his first day back at work, halfway through the day, to drive down to see him and the first thing his Dad said to him was how ugly the colors on his new Hawaiian shirt were, sigh, poor guy, poor guys. So sad. I think all he can do is be as loving as he can and behave in a way that he can feel proud of and then turn it over and pray. That's what I'm doing with my Mom. Her cancer surgery is going to happen in the next ten days but it's all kind of hazy and up in the air. I have to call her Pulmonary Oncologist, (is that the right word?) tomorrow to try to get an answer out of these guys. I've been allowing Mom to handle everything but I don't know if she's really up to it. She can be so forgetful.

Well, I'd love to stay and share some stories but I have e-mail to deal with and it's almost two in the morning, ack. I'll get caught up soon, I'm just swamped again now that I'm home, darn it. I have to deal with this bedroom office swap move deal ASAP.

We're not going to go to Burning Man this year. It feels like such a loss to write it out and really admit it to myself. I can't possibly leave my Mom for a whole week when she really needs me, Beau needs to be here to start his new school, and I'm really not up to it, health wise. I was so looking forward to hanging out with my pals in the Live Journal Burning Man community darn it. I'll just have to do something fun and nakedish afterwards. We could always go to San Francisco for an After Burn or something like that. You know I haven't even been to the website. I'm still so proud of my little monkey boy for having won the whole game thing last year, he was the first person to get all of his passport stamps and get to go to the man, then later he sung his favorite song acapella on the radio there. So sweet. What a great experience for him, for both of us.

Am I the only one who thinks time is zooming by? Is it an age thing? Does it all just seem to go by faster after twenty or something, or is it the universe speeding us up? What thinketh thee?

Night Night



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I found some great images and just had to share them. I love these old pin ups. Maybe they aren't exactly respectful of Native Americans because they're so romanticized and unrealistic in the way they depict these women, but I just can't help myself, I think they're so pretty. I'd think they were prettier though if their skin was darker. Oh well, they're old, what're you gonna do?


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I keep hearing this ad on the radio. I want to like it. I think it's kind of sweet but I wonder how many teenagers actually act like this.

Can I borrow your phone? I have a kind of important phone call I have to make.
Hi Mom. I'm having a good time.
I'm just hanging out at a party with Trish and Jim.
I want to come home at twelve. Is that cool?
No? At eleven? Okay, bye now.