August 26th, 2002


Plumeria Flowers and Gifts from New Friends

I love our gardener Tom, Tom Takeda, he's such a good, kind man. I respect him so much! Anything I try to do for him he turns around and returns to me ten fold, it's just like what they taught us in school when I was little. I brought two little plumeria plants back from Hawaii for him and for his wife, it was a pretty humble gift, and the next time I see him he's carrying this enormous plumeria plant. I didn't realize that he breeds them at his house and his wife was so touched by my little gift, apparently they didn't have one of the colours I gave them, that they wanted to do something nice in return. They gave me this huge blooming rainbow plumeria, the color I like the most of all of them, and one I couldn't even find when I was there. You know sometimes when you're feeling defeated or worn out and forget how incredibly beautiful life is you have to remember the sweet little things that happen like this. I think miracles and goodness are all around us, you just have to see them for what they are when they come to you.

I found this picture at this site, they make Hawaiian hairpics, those cute little flower guys that you tuck behind your ears, and they have a few pictures of Hawaiian flowers there. If you want to see photos of every type of plumeria, there is also this awesome site, remember to scroll down so you can see all of his pictures. This is the type of plumeria that Tom and his wife gave me.

Oh and that's not all. Yesterday I was visiting the kitties in the back cat house and thinking that I wanted more ceramic bowls for them. I collect Texasware and I saw that Esther had put two of my bowls out there for the cats. They don't make the best cat bowls because they are light, they tip over and break, heavy ceramic is always better. Then today Irma and her daughter Jackie came to work and they had gifts for us, ceramic cat bowls that they had found at the Ninety Nine Cents store that are so cute and Jackie had made me a little gift in a bag, two frogs and two lollipops. I feel so lucky today.

Little Lucilla is feeling all better now. She's back with the main population of cats and making her usual amount of fuss and trouble. I can hear her meowing and fighting with the other people right now. She's just super sensitive, bitchy, and vocal, just like her grandmother. I'm so glad she's up to her old level of disagreeable, it means she's doing really well.

Hnadwriting, Geese, and Pomeranians.

I'm trying to figure out why my background image keeps appearing and disappearing. It's never really been up to my perfectionistic standards anyway so I'm looking for other handwritten journal backgrounds to edit and upload to my site. I was searching for handwriting images and came across this simple little handwriting analysis/test that I thought you might like. It was surprisingly accurate, I mean anyone who reads my journal will recognize the bit about my having an abnormal attachment to my mother and the past. It only takes a couple of seconds and here's what I got.

The lean of your sentence communicates your optimistic or pessimistic tendencies. Your lean indicates that:
You are generally an optimistic person (or goose) and enjoy life to its fullest. The Great Goosini approves -- he is willing to take you under his wing and teach you The Ways of The Goose.

The spacing of your words communicates how well you get along with others. Your spacing indicates that:
You often have difficulty communicating, and you can be quite gullible. However, you are very adaptable.

The loop of your "g's" communicates your attitudes toward sex. Your "g's" indicate that:
You have an abnormal attachment to your mother and/or past. Worry not; The Great Goosini does not judge.

The bar height of your "t's" communicates your work ethic and ambition. Your "t's" indicate that:
You are very precise. Organization is very important to you, and you use your self-control to get the job done. The Great Goosini does not want to mess with you.

The dots above your "i's" communicate your self-image. Your dots tell me that:
You are meticulous and have supreme concentration. Don't get too cocky! The Great Goosini could out-think you any day of the week. And, The Great Goosini can fly. Beat that!

You are no doubt interested in learning tons of other things, from the practical to the bizarre. Thus, The Great Goosini insists that you visit his half-cousin, the goosely host of To learn how to do anything, from writing a cover letter to lying persuasively, that's the place to go.

PS: Yesterday when Beau and I were driving home, we passed a house that had geese and pomeranians in its front yard. I went around the block, came back and parked in front. We got out and played with the geese and dogs. This kind of thing is pretty unusual for my part of town. That's why we get so excited about all of the animals in people's yards on Maui. It's nothing to pass a hosue with pigs and geese, but here you just don't see a gaggle of geese and a pack of pomeranians hanging out like that in someone's front yard. Maybe I can snap a picture for you, Lord knows I owe you enough photos by now. I'll get 'em up, I'm slowly gaining momentum here. I might even walk on my treadmill today, imagine that, Jacqui getting some exercise. Oh that reminds me, gotta wash the doggies.

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I think Lela, age thirteen, has got to be the youngest cam-grl on the planet. She's also got to be pretty smart to figure all of this out and put up her own site.

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I was born in the Ural Mountains, on border between Europe and Asia. My mother was of Finno-Tartar people, sometimes called "Yak People". Not too many left. Beautiful place, Ural Mountains, but the winters are long, and snow does not melt until June. We survive long winter by eating goat cheese we make in summer months. When old grandfathers would die, we would scoop out their insides and use them for bobsled. Much fun we had.