August 29th, 2002


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This was made by the wonderful, soulful, pro-artist artist, Fred Babb. I love his work so much and have been inspired by it for years. A neighbor of mine has been asking me if I knew where he could buy this for years and I wanted to get one for him and wound up at Fred Babb's website. This plaque is similar to the plaque I have on my front gate. Although ours also says something like, "Go thou not unto thy neighbor's house and guilteth her not with requests for donations whilst she is writing her screenplay or he is watching his Monday night football," and something else, I can never remember. I used to hate No Solicitor signs, when I was a kid and we were forced to sell chocolate and raffle tickets. I thought people who put those up were mean hearted and closed off from other people, but now that I live here, there are periods where we get hit up on every day, and it gets overwhelming, especially for the semi-reclusive, somewhat shy gal, with the mountain of cats.

You know, I have to tell you that things feel pretty wonderful tonight. My Mother is alive and doing so well. We aren't overly focused on cancer for the moment. I'm sitting here at my desk in my office enjoying some computer time and listening to the sound of my fountain splashing on the lilly pads outside my window. I bought two new cages for my burgeoning rabbit population but for now they all have more space and are comfortable. I cuddled some of them tonight and last night. The ferrets are snoring behind me and the ratties are making little stirring sounds. Beau just brought me a new full spectrum light bulb for my lamp. The natural light ones always make me feel better somehow. Beau is happy playing in his room with his friend Steven. His room is cleaner than its been a long while because I forced us to go in there and clean it yesterday. My rat is doing better and is going to come back from the hospital tomorrow. There are all kinds of fun things to open on the porch, things I bought from eBay. Going over bills with Mom and Tina wasn't anywhere near as scary as I thought it would be, and I had fun cleaning the library with Esther and Irma and Esther's kids today. We sat on the floor and made a mini picnic of an apple, some lemon cake, cheddar cheese, mustard, crackers, nuts and baklava. It was fun. Now I'm just waiting for the dinner I ordered from the take out taxi people.

I do have a super bad headache, my house is a mess, I'm worried about money, I think my boyfriend only likes me when I'm hyper-attentive and sexual, and I'm fat, real fat, but despite this, life feels pretty good on the whole. There are rainbows, I'm like a little girl around rainbows, and there are waterfalls, and fat white puffy clouds, and beautiful stars, and amazing photographs of deep space, and rain, and caves to explore, and wildflowers and cultivated flowers, and the northern lights, and volcanos, and scuba diving, being naked in the sun and in the water feels great, and I love my son, and my pets, and I have a nice house, even if it is catted out and stinky, and I have a few good pals, there are all kinds of creatures to learn about, bugs to meet and play with, travel, travel is good, and horses, horses are wonderful, and cows are beautiful and have pretty big eyelashes and it feels great when they kiss you, and there are dragonflies, and there is soup and guacamole and enchiladas, and lemonade is pretty good, and movies and television and books, oh Lord there are books, and art that can be made, and poetry and music and I can sing, and I could go on and on. Life just feels good tonight and don't think I'm being manic because I'm just in a good mood, yeah, what she said.

It was hard to find images of fred Babb's work but here are a couple. This image is pretty small and crummy but I think you'll get the idea.

It says;

Dear Mr. President,
It's time artists were
appreciated as tax paying
citizens of this country.
We're fed up and we have some demands:
1. We want a senators salary plus perks.
2. Free art supplies delivered to our studios.
3. All military personnel must salute us.
4. We want our own state. We want Hawaii.

This just seemed appropriate for me right now. Scott'll understand.

And this one applies to all of my friends who avoid doing the things that bring them the most joy.