September 5th, 2002


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Isn't this a pretty piece of fabric? I had to have it. I am sooo tired and blechy feeling. Beau likes his new school, well, as much as he is going to like any school. I liked it a lot.

We had to put our old friend Fufu to sleep today. Her kidneys were barely hangin in there but there was nothing more we could do for the anemia. Even after giving her a transfusion she was just too sick. I'm sad, very sad, but I knew it was coming. Her daughter Myanmar died a few months ago and the doctor thinks this is something genetic. Her partner Coco is still with us but he's sick too. Myanmar was a beautiful blue Burmese and Fufu was this gorgeous chestnut brown. I can't write too much more about this because it hurts too much to.

Wanna hear something weird? I am watching my radio here change it's channel by tiny degrees, very weird, woah it just did it again. What's even funnier is that I have this goofy looking flame red haired gnome that is standing right next to the dial facing it. It looks like he just hopped on over there and is changing it himself. It peeps and then it shifts away from the station its set on by one little number, then it keeps going, too weird. There was some odd knocking going on in Beau's old room too. I'm just going to assume there is some mundane explanation for these things, something that would make perfect sense if I understood it, like ratties or squirrels in the attic making the noises, and some kind of electricity conducted through the troll doll's hair. I'm also sick and a bit fevery so there is that too.

Free fast breeding bunnies to good homes. Don't all rush at me at once now.