November 13th, 2002


Palm Springs, Weight Loss, Sopranos, Granny's Dresses, and Animal Crossing

Hello My Little Live Journal Darlings,

How have you all been? I'm still in the desert with Beau who is playing hooky for a few days. I love it here so much and we always have such a good time that we never want to leave. The air is so fresh and clean, well, compared to LA, and it gets really cool and crisp at night. The mountains are so beautiful and there are so many cool natural things going on. Just today while I was sitting in my car waiting for Beau to come out of the house, two humming birds chased each other through my car. They just buzzed in Beau's open door, zipped right by my face, and flew out my window, so cool.

We've been shopping a tiny bit which is always fun. We went to Tommy Bahamas and The Sharper Image. I finally bought that damned Ionic Breeze thing I keep seeing ads for on the TV. I'm so worried that it's fake and a rip off, but I want to see if it'll help Scott with the dust and cat dander when he comes over to my house.

I weighed myself in the store and the first scale I stepped on said I had lost eleven pounds. I was so afraid it was going to say I'd gained because I feel fatter and my stomach has been itchy, which I usually take as a sign of impending fatness. I was so happy, but I was skeptical, so I tried another scale, which the man who was working there said was more reliable, and on that one it said I had lost seven pounds.

I bought the second scale and I'll try it here at home as soon as I can work up the courage. Either way, if I've lost any weight at all, I am so thrilled because I have to lose twenty pounds in order to qualify for the weight loss surgery, and this puts it within the realm of possibility. I'm sure this is because of the medications I've been taking that are supposed to help us PCOS gals, because I haven't really done anything different. I was also worrying because I started using this birth control patch and I thought it was making me hungrier. Woohoo, weight loss, I am so tired of being sick and overweight, seriously, I am so done with this.

Right now I'm using a massage thingy on my neck, another rip off, but I've been in so much neck-tension-pain that I'm trying everything, heat therapy, massage, whatever.

Tonight we went to the local arcade castle for Beau. He was dying to play DDR. I spent fifty dollars trying to earn enough tickets to buy him this blow up plastic chair and he's happy. We had fun.

Did you guys see Sunday's Sopranos? Woah, I was so blown away. Of course that would be the one time I get my eighty-seven year old mother to watch it with me. Bloody decapitated heads and hands and Mom's watching; then we follow that up with Larry David and the pubic hair, and all of the guys on Mind of the Married Man tossing the word cunt around. Hey Mom, will you watch my favorite Sunday night TV shows with me? I'm just glad I didn't get her to tune in for the Six Feet Under repeat where Brenda goes to the swinger party and looks in on the two couples bangin' away doggy style on the bed. The last time we were all here together I took her to see The Sweetest Thing; the scene where the gals are in the men's toilet and Cameron Diaz looks in to the glory hole and Miss Married With Children squats over the urinal, yeeeeah, Mom loved that.

BTW do you think Ralphie set the fire that killed Pie-Oh-My? I believed him when he said he didn't do it. But he was such an evil character, well, until we started seeing his softer side in just this one episode, right before he gets whacked.

Look at this gorgeous dress of my Grandmother's that I just lost on eBay. I was prepared to go up to three hundred and fifty but really didn't want to, because I am running out of money, and can't afford to spend this much for these dresses. Look at the bidding history, thirty-six bids! I can't believe it went for five hundred and fifty dollars. I'm so sad because this might mean they're all going to start going up. I wrote to some of the bidders to ask them why they bid so high. I have a closet full of these dresses and I've never had to spend this much. Maybe because it was taffeta and had a really full skirt? Frig. Hey, least I won this chartreuse chiffon one for a measly nine ninety-five.

Beau is busy playing his new favorite game Animal Crossing. I like this one so much better than any of the others, it's so sweet. If any of you guys are playing it and want to trade some e-reader card codes, we've got plenty.

I haven't been writing at all. I've been dreaming all kinds of wild and wonderful things, but no writing, haven't had the time. Maybe this is an ebb before the flow, well, maybe nothing, because I am determined to reach my fifty-thousand word goal by the thirtieth of the month. Thank God I had a tiny lead there for a while. I should be able to catch up pretty quickly.

Well, that's about it my friends. If you ever want to catch me you'll have to e-mail me at and wave some words in front of my face because I'm pretty spotty, focus-wise, these days on Live Journal. When haven't I been spotty in my ability to focus though? Which reminds me, I have to put a list of credits together for the writer for the magazine who is calling to interview me tomorrow, ack, not prepared.

Love you guys,