December 23rd, 2002


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Phew, I am finally, finally done with everything. The presents are wrapped and piled up and the cards are done. I had a scary time there, when after days and days of waiting for it to arrive, I found out that Beau's main present, his Aibo robot doggy, was on back order, and wasn't due to arrive until January 15. They had confirmed that they had it in stocke over the phone with me, gave me a delivery date, and a confirmation number. But when the date came and went, and many more days came and went, I called to find out what was going on. That's when I learned that they had run out of them and not bothered to call.

I was so upset I actually cried and the guy on the phone could not have cared less. His manager was even meaner, I told him that his company, Sony, had really screwed us over. He freaked out at me and said he didn't have to listen to me talk badly about his precious company. He said he did not have to help me if I was going to take that tone with him and that if I didn't calm down, "I won't give two thoughts to hanging up on you." You have to really know me to know how ridiculous this is because even when I'm upset I'm nice. By the end of the conversation his was falling all over himself apologizing and trying to backpeddle his way out of their big frigging mistake. Luckily I had taken names and numbers and was able to prove that they messed up. Anyway after the very stressful and enormous waste of time I finally I gave up on them and found one at FAO Schwartz, which only took an hour on the phone to order, sigh, and Irma is picking it up for us. Yeay, Beau and my Mom's Christmas is saved.

I'm talking to my friend Monique's daughter on the phone and she is soooooooo cute. She is three I think and is talking up a storm but it's so little and funny. You should hear her trying to pronounce Rolly Polly Olly. She's so excited about Christmas, she's telling me how many presents are under the tree, she's counting them now, one... two... three...

I'm happy for my friend Micahel because Monique says he has a new relationship going on, and I swear I have wanted him to be happy in love for soooo long.

And this has got to be as far away from Christmas as a story could be, but it's so much fun that I wanted to share the link. It's a little bit of history on an urban legends ghost story page about The Jersey Devil. The kids were keeping themselves busy looking for ghost stories on the net and Beau showed this one to me when I got home. I'm always interested in anything relating to New Jersey because I'm adopted and that's where I was conceived.