Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh look, finally, another one of my Grandmother's dresses. This one has some stains and damage though, but maybe I can clean and repair it. Slowly but surely I'm putting together a collection. I wish they weren't so hard to find. I see so many vintage dresses on line that could be either my Grandmother's or my Mom's, but without the label, I just can't be sure. I wish I could get my Mother to sit down and go through the eBay auctions with me and tell me if any of these dresses are theirs, but she just doesn't have the patience for it. I've tried. I suppose when I'm her age I'll be just the same, I mean I'm already reluctant enough to learn anything new that I haven't even tried to install my new DVD player yet, who knows what things will be invented in my lifetime that will be hard for me to grasp;

In my Mom's life she's seen the invention of the refrigerator, radio, television, the car, commercial aviation, the microwave. It's no wonder VCRs and Computers are weird to her. I just wish she'd try. I suppose she could say the same about me and some of my problems though. I mean you can't fault an eighty-six year old woman who does Pilates and is lifting weights. She's pretty amazing.

And here's one of Mom's.

Live Journal is acting up so I can't get this to post. I'm pissed at Esther because we started a new antibiotic for the kittens and she didn't bother telling Saida about it. Esther works weekends, Saida works during the week. When I asked Saida to call Esther for instructions I learned that even after carefully explaining how much medication to give the kittens and which ones to give it to, she just went ahead and gave too much to only two kittens and was giving Saida the same instructions. I love Esther, she's like family to me, but when she screws up because of laziness or just not caring it really, really pisses me off. I don't think the cats should have to pay the price for this, I don't think I should have to. It just really makes me angry because I am so kind and considerate. Oh gar, forget it, I'm just really pissed!

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