January 17th, 2003


The Rothschilds and Time Travelling

Some of Last Night's Trippy Dreams

I like to write dreams in present tense because it helps me dissect them. Part of a technique I learned from a therapist who loved Jung. Afterwards if there is time, and there rarely is, I run them through a cyber dream analysis program I have.

I am on a mountain with a friend, maybe Scott. The view is breathtaking. Glorious sweeping vistas of the sea in every direction, except for the grass covered mountains behind us. I feel as if I am on top of the world, there is nothing higher than this. It's sunny and mild and stimulating, expansive, beautiful, inspiring. This has to be one of the finest properties in the world.

This is Martha Stewart's new home, and we are visiting tourists. She calls it Skylands. She bought it from the Rothschild family, but where is the house?

I am running from something. There is a parking lot and I am trying to get away. A guard finds me and the other person who is with me. We are trying to explain that we just came to see Martha's famous house, but he doesn't seem to comprehend what we are saying.

He takes us into a kitchen. A beautiful old fashioned kitchen. A young woman comes in. She is lovely, graceful, and dressed in a silk gown from another time. She introduces us to her sister who is also beautiful and dressed in clothing from another era. The girls take us into another room and introduce us to their elegant graying mother. She seems a little alarmed by our being here. We try to explain, but they've never heard of Martha Stewart.

They introduce themselves. Their last name is Rothschild. I begin a conversation with the oldest daughter and it becomes super clear that this isn't the twenty-first century anymore. From their clothes and their speech I am guessing that this is the eighteen hundreds, but all of their furnishings are much much older, and mostly French. Everything is the finest, authentic Louis XV with a slightly Victorian feel, but in an elegant way. Everything, from the furniture to the various china pieces that decorate every glossy wooden surface would be museum quality if it were here today.

Time moves forward a bit and I have become a member of this family. I am also a man and am engaged to be married to one of the daughters. But because I came from the future I have no past and am not accepted socially by everyone. Extended family members see me as a fortune seeker and they are trying to work against me before my fiance inherits this house and everything that goes with it.

Time shifts forward again and we are married. I have become a semi-master of this house. But there are still forces who work against us. I am trying to persuade my wife to come back with me to current time. Eventually she believes me and is gathering small valuable objects, pieces of porcelain, and hiding them in our room. I think she plans to bring them here and sell them.

Time moves forward some more and I am watching these people from above them. The man is horrible, debauched, and cruel. He doesn't love his wife anymore and he has become hard. He is making love to someone who looks like his wife when she was younger but who turns out to be his daughter. The wife is in her room looking thin, frail, helpless and sad.

This part is hazy but I am now in the body of the woman, the wife, and my husband has become a vampire. He is killing everyone and putting them in coffins. He wants to kill me. I am trying to get away. As I try to escape from him time begins moving forward again, but more fluidly this time, whereas before it moved forward in chunks. As I run past the pool and gardens and into this enormous garage, he becomes a Mafia figure and we end up in the sixties or seventies. But the location and the house remain the same. I am the heir, everything is mine here, and he resents me, feels threatened by and wants to be rid of me. He is definitely trying to kill me. He shoots at me while I run.

I jump in another pool and swim towards the front of this enormous property. I get out of the pool and run to the guard gate where tourists are lining up for busses. I am wily. I get on and off a bus to throw my husband and his goons off my tail. I avoid my own guard gate and run to the guard gate of the estate across the street. I beg the slow witted man and his son to assist me in running from the mob. They know this means danger and don't want to help. But my pockets are full of diamonds and rubies, and I offer some to them for their help. All I want is for them to look away while I sneak into someone's back seat as they are pulling out of this driveway. And this is where the dream ends.

Oh Yeay my friend Susan just called and we're going to go see Gangs of New York. We've been trying to get together to see it but she is usually pretty busy and I am often sick and shy. There is a dead hanging pig scene that I have been avoiding, (I won't see movies if they have cruel animal scenes, as much as I never saw Roger and Me because of the skinning rabbits scene), but I'll just close my eyes or go to the bathroom during that scene. God I hate things like that. I'll have to see if Irma can pick up Beau and then later tonight I'll take him to pick up our fired pieces and paint some more pottery.

OMG I was just hunting around for images to go with this dream and the Rothschilds really did own a great big Victorian estate that was modelled after a French chateau. Several in fact, but I don't think any of them were on a promontory with that amazing view, who knows. No, wait, here's one of the famous Newport cottages that was built by an heir to the Rothschild fortune, that one must be near water. It's haunted and they offer ghost tours.

Ack I have to go, I'll check this out later. Do you ever wonder if your dreams are real - fragments of your past - or you just might be time travelling?

Also I need to add here that when The Osbournes first came on I was completely hooked and Scott suggested that it might be because I felt like our lives were sort of similar. They seemed so out there and outrageous to me at the time that it actually hurt my feelings, and now, I can totally see the similarities, only we have about ten times more pets and things, much less than a tenth of their wealth, but are just about as crazy.

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I am so late and I have to leave, but the Newport cottage is on the ocean with a pond to the right, so there is water on both sides at the back of the house, and there is some sort of Vampire legend, and I found pictures with tables that are crowded with porcelain, but I don't know if it was built as long ago as the dream seemed to be set. In the eighteen hundreds. And there would have to be two sisters, and a socially interloping husband, with a shady family background. Now if I can just tie in something about the Mob and murder I'd think maybe I had some sort of reverse precognitive dream. Weird, hunh?