February 2nd, 2003


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Isn't this a gorgeous beaded purse? I want it, waaaaaaaaaa, but I can't afford it. I have to try to be more careful with money, but it is so hard for me because I want everything.

I read somewhere that peacocks were unlucky for actors. I guess it's a vanity thing but I love peacocks. I love opals too but I'm worried about their not being lucky as well. Help me ditch this unlucky thinking. Ravens and owls are supposed to be unlucky too but I love them.

Windy, dry eyes, still sick and hurting. Stressful night with Scott last night, lots of fighting over the smallest of things. The boy rabbits are fighting too, I had to take three of them to the vet. I need to get everyone fixed. Just separating them by sex isn't working. If they can't have sex with the girls, the boys will fight with try to have sex with eachother, poor things. Going to fic two tomorrow and two more on Tuesday and then we'll see where we'll go from there. Money, money, money, argh.

Irma has been sick for a week and I had to have Esther take her place. I am so relieved that Irma is back. She hasn't developed that weary burned out work attitude that Esther has yet.

I want to eat jellybeans and lie down. I'm not going to do either though. Jellybeans = not good for me, and I have to get through at least a few days worth of e-mail before I'll let myself rest.

Beau made me sign up for Neopets so I could battle with him. I don't want to battle. I just want to feed my Neopet and play. Amazing how very like my real life, my cyber-life always turns out to be.

Oh yeay! Jane Campion's Holy Smoke with Kate Winslet is playing on Oxygen. I loved this movie so much, especially the art design, that I had pictures of it all over my office for about a year. Even the titles are cool.

Still sad about the shuttle.

(no subject)

Dear Friend,

Americans voted for many things this past Election Day, but one thing we did not vote for was a sweeping attack on our environment. Yet President Bush is already acting as if we did.

If you don't have time to read my letter, then please go straight to the BioGems website at http://www.savebiogems.org/takeaction.asp and send messages to your U.S. senators and representative telling them to stand up in defense of our environment.

Barely two weeks after the election, the Bush administration repaid big corporate campaign contributors with a massive new loophole in the Clean Air Act that will allow them to dramatically increase air pollution and harm the health of millions of Americans.

Days later, it was the timber industry's turn to cash in. On Thanksgiving eve, the administration proposed new rules that would allow it to put all 155 national forests on the chopping block for logging and other commercial activities without having to take public input or study the devastating impacts on wildlife.

It's no accident these special interest handouts were announced after Election Day. They are a radical departure from the values of conservation that most Americans hold dear.

But the worst is yet to come. The White House has signaled clearly that the sacrifice of our clean air and national forests is only the leading edge of a much broader attack that will come early this year. It will be a determined and systematic effort to dismantle our nation's entire framework of environmental protection.

Last year, the U.S. Senate was the firewall that saved us from President Bush's most destructive raids on the environment. Not any more. Key Senate committees in the new Congress will be chaired by stalwart allies of polluting industries who are flat-out hostile to our environmental laws.

Industry lobbyists are already circling, ready to plunder the public treasures they have coveted for so long: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Alaskan rainforest, the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, and many more of our last wild places.

No one voted for these environmental disasters on Election Day, but they will come to pass if we don't unite right now to prevent them.

The president's campaign to undermine our environmental laws could be derailed instantly if millions of Americans would hold Congress accountable for its upcoming votes. The fate of our natural heritage will be determined by a handful of moderates, Democrat and Republican. Senators on both sides of the aisle won close races this past Election Day by promising to protect the environment. It's time to make them keep their word.

Please go to the BioGems website at http://www.savebiogems.org/takeaction.asp and send electronic messages directly to your U.S. senators and representative. Tell them to defend 30 years of bipartisan environmental progress by putting a stop to the Bush administration's assaults.

And if you want to do even more for the environment, please forward this message to as many people as you can. Remember, the White House can continue this sweeping attack on our environment only if Americans remain silent. Thank you for speaking out.


Robert Redford
Board of Trustees
Natural Resources Defense Council

. . .

BioGems: Saving Endangered Wild Places
A project of the Natural Resources Defense Council