February 4th, 2003


Collage and Nudity

I'm collage hunting today. Browsing for ideas and inspiration. I've been making collages for about twenty years, I think. I just love making them. I usually make them on sheets of plastic so you can collage from the back, and get a kind of winking Jesus 3D effect.

I just bought a bunch of these tags/discs to make mini collages with. I was going to use them as labels for all of the baskets in my office, and then I stumbled across this image. Someone beat me to the idea. And this was exactly what I was thinking of doing. Coincidence or divine motivation?

I'm naked as usual. I have the shades up on the windows that face the street, because it's hot, but I'm worried about flashing my conservative uptight neighbors. This reminds me of when I was little and the woman who lived across the street from my childhood best friend, Lorraine, used to water her plants and hose down her driveway in her bra and panties. Her name was Manuela, and while I thought she was a little crazy at the time, I also secretly admired her for breaking the rules and doing something so outrageous.

Last night on a show on MTV, I don't remember what it was called, the subject was, My Embarrassing Parents, and there was this boy on the show who Beau used to play with when he was little, Alex. Alex lives with his naturist parents, (people who like to be naked outdoors and in community), who own and operate one of the largest naturist resorts in the country. It's in Palm Springs, and Scott, Beau, and I have gone there many times. I loooove going there because it's one of the few places where I feel truly comfortable about my body.

It's funny because I have this theory that in finding yourself, or beginning to define who you are as separate from your parents, you need to rebel against them a bit and adopt the opposite point of view. In my case I was raised by very conservative Catholics and you all know how I turned out. So it's funny to me that Alex is so anti-nudity. It makes perfect sense though. He gets the dream parents, liberal, creative, spiritual, in a loving, inclusive sense, basically parents I would have loved to have been raised by, and he hates it. I can understand how that might be hard for a poor teenager. I mean how do you invite anyone over to do homework with? Everywhere he goes people are going to be naked. Ummm, Jane, this is my naked Mom and Dad, and these are all of our naked friends.

Well, I'm hoping I can summon up the energy for a little exercise today. I haven't been able to do much lately. I try to get out and do one thing a day and that's about all I can handle before I get sweaty and weak. I'm so sick of this. I'm going to go see the doctor tomorrow and see what she thinks, but she'll just do and say the usual. I've got to find a better doctor. Please will you send me some wellness-energy vibes to take my dogs for a walk at the dog park?


My Meddling Neighbors

You Guys? Who lives near me? I'm in West Los Angeles. I was dreaming of putting an art making group together. But it would be a ways down the road. I would need to get my garage cleaned out first.

My favorite neighbors, not, are complaining again. These are the ones who talked my new neighbor out of allowing me to put a studio on my garage and cost me a fortune in legal wrangling when I wanted to put a second story on my house. The second story that helped increase their property value. Little pain in the ass shits. They complain about everything because they are older and have nothing better to do. In Spanish we would call them vieja metiches. Which means meddling old people. Seriously, I've written about this before, but it goes way beyond the bounds of normal neighborly conflicts.

Yesterday I was coming home from the dog park and they must have known I was outside because the Mr. came out to confront me. They're so sneaky and they think they can just make everything seem like a friendly accident. He just happened to be going to the mailbox to mail one letter. yeah right. Anyway I saw him out of he corner of my eye and completely ignored him until he called me name and forced me to talk to him.

He said, "Uh yes Jacqui do you know what is causing that thumping noise in your patio?" As if he hadn't peeked through the fence a million times and seen the bunnies we have there. I said, "Why yes Ted, it's the bunnies. They thump." "Well, it's keeping us awake at night. It's really bothering us and we're wondering what you're going to do about it."

I wanted to say, "Oh fuck off you annoying pain in the ass, happy dream ruining, peeping Tom, monster man," but my Catholic programming runs deep and I am unfailingly polite, even to people I dislike intensely. So I told him we were looking for homes for the rabbits and were having the males fixed. I decided to move two of the hutches to the other side of my house so it will cut down on the "horrible" bunny thumping. I had this evil fantasy of moving all of the bunnies to the driveway side, where we keep the garbage cans, and moving the garbage cans to the bunny side, just to spite them. But it wouldn't work out and I don't want to provoke them. Darn it.

I know I should be peaceful, loving, and neighborly, but these people are such trouble makes and fakes. I hate how they smile and befriend you, only to use whatever info they can glean about you to gossip to the other neighbors with. This is one of the many reasons why I want to sell this house, in this congested overpriced area, and move somewhere with land, and better people.