March 9th, 2003


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Here's something I wrote about Six Feet Under.

God, where to begin? Like a lot of other fans I was disappointed with the season premiere. However, Six Feet Under is by far the best thing that television has to offer -- despite the disappointing opener. I love the actors so much, I'll pretty much go anywhere with them, just to watch them work. For me it's the casting of theatre trained actors that makes the show. Well, okay, that and the writing and the direction.

However, with this weird turn, I feel let down and a little angry. I feel toyed with. I feel like I've been taken on a masturbatory mind ride, ooh trippy alternative realities, Quantum mechanics, and Shroedinger's Cat. Referencing a brutal act of vivisection, how offensive is this?

Yes, it was interesting seeing Nate in so many alternate realities. Yes, it was fun to see a different version of the Fishers. But because I have become seriously involved in the story line for two seasons, I really care about these people -- all of them, and it's jarring and disconcerting to have to make this leap. Oh, Nate has decided to hook up with Lisa. Why? Well, just because it was decided. Brenda is condemned and banned from the plot line for her sexual dalliances by Nate who fathered a child with another woman? Hunh? Can anyone say double standard?

Now some of you are complaining about Lilli Taylor and calling her a bad actor, well, that's just plain stupid. For anyone who has been watching her work through the years, it's plain that she is a solid artist, amazing even, which I'm sure is why she was cast. I don't like the way her character is turning out either, but that lies in the writing and not her performance.

If it turns out that Brenda is going to come back and Nate is going to go through angst about his relationship choices, well, then great, but why not give us some reason for his having chosen Lisa before he hooks up with her? Spend some time taking us there. Don't just jump to it and explain it all away with a couple of expository sentences. How about showing us their connection? There has to be something between them other than the baby, no?

I've read a few reviews saying that the first two episodes are slow and depressing but that the show gets back on track by episode three. I so hope that's the case. I'll hang in there for it. I'm also thrilled that Kathy Bates is joining the cast. Her directing has been spot on perfect and now we get to see her acting with the cast, yeay for that great decision.

Well, I guess that's it. Trippy, distracting, leap of faith story changes or not, it's still the best thing on television by far.